Them Fly Bros: The Underground Heroes of Flyover Country Music Production

Them Fly Bros: Luke Mills (left) CR “Boomjockey” Pendleton (right)

Them Fly Bros: Luke Mills (left) CR “Boomjockey” Pendleton (right)

Them Fly Bros, a music production team led by Luke Mills and CR “Boomjockey” Pendleton, specializes in “flyover country music.”

US, May 29, 2024 / — Music production is often an enigmatic process, known only to those within the industry. However, the work of producers is critical in bringing the music we love from our favorite artists to our ears. One production team making waves in the more esoteric circles of the music world is Them Fly Bros. Known for their exceptional skills and dedication to nurturing talent outside of the spotlight, the tsunami of breaking talent they are unleashing promises to change that.

Them Fly Bros

The “old crows” of Them Fly Bros are Luke Mills and CR “Boomjockey” Pendleton. Named for their specialization in music from the “Flyover States,” Them Fly Bros are deeply connected to roots music, including bluegrass, folk, and traditional country. However, their history of success spans a variety of genres, including pop, rock, electronic, and hip-hop. Their primary focus remains on “flyover country music,” a term that perfectly encapsulates their unique sound.

CR ‘Boomjockey’ Pendleton

CR Pendleton, known as “Boomjockey,” earned his moniker from the late Rick May, a former professional drummer and producer. Growing up in Ohio’s Appalachian Country, Pendleton was immersed in music from a young age, mastering multiple instruments by the time he was in double digits. His early influences included bluegrass icons such as Flatt and Scruggs, Bill Monroe and Ricky Skaggs, along with the Beach Boys, the latter introduced to him by an aunt who “broke the rules” in subjecting him to rock and roll.

Pendleton began his professional career producing for Gotee Records, owned by Toby Mac of DC Talk. His work with John Reuben earned Dove Award nominations, and he co-wrote and performed on the number-one Christian music chart hit “Nuisance” featuring Matt Thiessen of Relient K. Boomjockey also created music for MTV shows like Pimp My Ride and Date My Mom and produced for various artists, including House of Heroes, Spoken, and Inhale Exhale. His Columbus, Ohio studio also became a hangout spot where artists like Caleb Shomo (Attack Attack, Beartooth) and Josh Dun (Twenty One Pilots) would sometimes record demo ideas or audition/meet with other artists as they began their music careers.

Luke Mills

Hailing from Nebraska by way of Kansas, Luke Mills became deeply involved in music during his teen years. Growing up in a broken home with strong blue-collar roots and highly influenced by his father’s “cowboy ethic,” Mills was determined to make his own way. And make his way, he has. Mills, who met Pendleton in 2003 while opening for Bleach, a band Boomjockey was touring with at the time, spent several years recording and performing in the Christian music industry. Though Mills had radio success with charting songs and several nationwide tours as a part of three label-signed groups, he returned to his first passion of Country Music over a decade ago. Since that time, Mills became a successful regional country artist with several national releases and radio singles, opening for artists such as Carly Pearce, Nate Smith, and Walker Hayes. This success culminated with his induction into the Nebraska Country Music Hall Of Fame in 2023.

The Birth of Them Fly Bros

Mills and Pendleton worked together on different projects over the years but in had gone in different directions over the past decade. In 2022, Mills reached out to Pendleton to work on a country project. As the two began their work on this endeavor, Mills shared his desire to change direction. Mills desired to see the often passed-over artists of the Midwest find more traction. Several years of learning hard lessons had shown him that there was much he could do to help other artists. Simultaneously, Mills had recently met with high-profile individuals in Nashville and shared his passion with them. He was soon presented with opportunities to advance this agenda, but it would require moving from his role as a music artist to working as an independent A&R (artist and repertoire) representative. The relationship between Mills and Pendleton strengthened with the proposal to work as a production team developing new artists. Them Fly Bros was born in addition to partnerships with other music industry insiders, ultimately resulting in the development company Fijack Entertainment Coalition.

A Promising Future

Over the past two years, Them Fly Bros have helped numerous artists sign with independent record labels and begin to gain traction. Luke Mills states, “I am extremely proud of all of these artists. They all deserve national recognition.” While many details remain under wraps, Mills teases, “Keep your eye on Jaelen Johnston as he will be getting national attention this fall, and he WILL be a household name.” While Mills talked about several of his artists, we were unfortunately unable to note all of them – though we believe we will be covering many of them in the foreseeable future as several have recently signed recording contracts.

Stay Tuned

For more information on Them Fly Bros and their exciting roster of artists, visit []( This production team is poised to bring the best of flyover country music to the national stage, and their journey is just beginning.

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