Super Star Jesse Daniels from Life Time at Sky Partnered with  Trillion (AUM) Gala & 5 Million Dollar Initiative.

Jesse Daniels, Bervann Capital snatches NYC #1 spot, after a Terrific Investment Gala at the Met Club

Jesse Daniels has taken the knowledge he gained from his prestigious circle at Life Time at Sky and used it to become an even Bigger Super Star.


— Daniels, Jesse A

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2023/ — Jesse Daniels, business and sports super star out of New York, has partnered with Creatives Rebuild NY, a $125 million dollar initiative to help artists receive income.

Daniels made a name for himself at Lifetime Sky, where he partnered with Bervann Capital to co-host the $5 trillion Gala at the Metropolitan Club of NY. Now, he is using his influence and connections to help artists who have been impacted by the pandemic.

In 2019, Daniels partnered with Bervann Sport and co-hosted a gala at the Metropolitan Club in New York with $5 trillion Assets Under Management (AUM) in attendance. Val Nzhie, CEO of Bervann, said, “Big shout out our colleagues from the sport division and thank you to our friends at Morgan Stanley for referring Jesse to us. The sport wing of Bervann Capital partners with athletes and helps them manage their career, while exposing them to all Bervann Capital has to offer on the investment side – it’s a tremendous upside as Bervann Sports encourages its protégés to bet on their talents, but also build or invest in entrepreneurial ventures that give them an overall edge and separate them from just being athletes.”

Jesse has taken the knowledge he gained from his prestigious circle at Bervann Capital and used it to become an award-winning filmmaker and star. His films have been featured in festivals around the world, and he has been recognized for his work by Creatives Rebuild New York.

“I’m excited to be partnering with Creatives Rebuild NY to help artists get the support they need,” said Daniels. “This pandemic has been hard on everyone, but especially on those in the creative industries. I’m committed to doing whatever I can to help them rebuild.”

The Creatives Rebuild NY partnership, which paid Jesse $18K, gave him the social proof needed to open the financial floodgates. Companies are now in a silent bidding war to work with Jesse, and his success has been a beacon of hope for other creatives.

Jesse proved when he is involved in the decision-making process no dominance hierarchy is too hard to climb. He has quickly become a respected voice in the business world, and his partnerships with these two businesses are a testament to that.

Keith Axelrod, Senior Managing Director of The United Group Companies, has praised business mogul Jesse for his hard work and dedication to creating billion-dollar meetings, high level sporting events and real estate.

Axelrod said, “I’ve known Jesse for well over ten years. He was a classmate of my son in high school and played Varsity Basketball with him. Since graduating high school and college, I have watched Jesse achieve some pretty impressive things. His involvement with Dr. Oz was one; his involvement with major NBA Basketball stars through basketball programs at Sky was another. The making of a movie about Jesse and becoming a master influencer on social media and making connections with businesspeople at all levels has been fun to watch. He set up several key meetings for my company as well. In addition, Jesse introduced me to major players in the financial field like Morgan Stanley and others. I think Jesse could prove to be a valuable asset to any company.”

The $5 trillion Gala is the world’s largest annual gathering of business leaders, and the $125 million-dollar CRNY initiative is a respected business think tank. Jesse’s involvement with both of these businesses is a huge coup for him, and it is sure to help him continue to grow his influence and success.

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