Roxi Drive Joins the Star-Studded Lineup of Guest Artists in Bending Grid’s Sci-Fi Synthwave Odyssey “Parallax”

Album Artwork for Bending Grid’s PARALLAX album

Roxi Drive

Roxi Drive

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The album features 20 vocal synthwave tracks, each telling a unique story or exploring a concept through the lens of a futuristic world.

It wasn’t just a song I’ve longed to cover, but it also became the catalyst that brought a cherished collaboration to fruition.”

— Bending Grid

WORTHING, WORTHING BOROUGH OF WORTHING, ENGLAND, April 15, 2024 / — Roxi Drive, the British singer known for her captivating 1980s-influenced synth-pop and synth-rock, is making waves once again with her participation in an innovative synthwave album “Parallax” by Bending Grid. Her vocals grace one of the cover songs in this double album.

Roxi Drive Roxi Drive is no stranger to the world of retro-inspired music, having captivated audiences since 2017 with her distinctive sound and a passion for the musical styles of the 1980s. Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Madonna and Tears for Fears, Roxi Drive has gained widespread acclaim for her songwriting and production skills.

Collaborating with various talented producers, she has released memorable albums like “Strangers of the Night” and “Electric Heart.” Her music has resonated with a dedicated fan base, establishing her as a rising star in the pop music genre. With notable collaborations and recent releases like “Dream Lover (2022),” Roxi Drive continues to push the boundaries of mainstream pop music, appealing to fans of all things retro and modern.

“Parallax,” the brainchild of Bending Grid, is a double album that pushes the boundaries of the synthwave genre and electronic music scene, drawing inspiration from iconic ’80s sci-fi films and B-movies. The album features 20 vocal synthwave tracks, each telling a unique story or exploring a concept through the lens of a futuristic world. It features guest vocals from an impressive lineup of guest artists, each adding their unique touch to “Parallax”. Guest Artists: Roxi Drive, Jolie, Teya Flow, The Safety Word, Berzan Önen, By Forever, Lucy Dreams, Violet Fears, KERO, Kaarin Zoe Lee, and Gulsah Brett.

Roxi Drive lends her exceptional talent to the track “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You,” a cover of the classic 80’s hit song. It blends Roxi Drive’s retro vocals with Bending Grid’s innovative approach. The cover captures the essence of the original song by Gloria Estefan while seamlessly blending Roxi Drive’s pop sensibilities with the sci-fi synthwave aesthetics of the album.

“Parallax” is being positioning to become a historic landmark in the synthwave genre, offering a unique and captivating listening experience that defies convention. The album is set to release on May 3, 2024, and will be available on various music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp. Bending Grid and Roxi Drive’s collaboration in “Parallax” promises to be a defining moment in the world of synthwave and electronic music.

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A Preview of Roxi Drive in the “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You”

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