Rescue the Kids & Kini Films Announce Important Movie, Silent!

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Actress Grace Malartsik

Actress Grace Malartsik

Kini Films is proud to announce the release of “Silent!” a free movie engineered to raise awareness to the heinous crime of child trafficking.

there is no greater cause on the planet than fighting child trafficking and we are doing something about it by raising awareness”

— Kini Kapaki

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2023/ — Silent! s is a short film about Kylie, a 16 year old enjoying life and loving her friends when suddenly she is kidnapped. The community is in shock and her friends organize search groups to try and find her. The Sheriff is incredibly close to Kylie so this is personal! But now the Sheriff and her friends are racing the clock before she can be sold, potentially overseas.

This 17-minute film features 20 actors dedicated to helping end human trafficking and you will see the brilliant performance of Grace Malartsik, as 16-year-old Kylie.

The founder of Rescue the Kids, and Kini Films, is Kini Kapaki. Silent! is a cause he believes in and claims “there is no greater cause on the planet than fighting child trafficking and we’re doing something about it by raising awareness.“

• Rescue the Kids is a 501c3 charitable organization
• 100% of all funds raised is given to organizations actively rescuing victims out of child trafficking
• directors draw NO salary from this corporation
• donations can be as little as $1

Silent! can be seen on YouTube and all viewers are asked to share the link with all their friends and consider a donation in any amount. To watch Silent! click:

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