New Roger Corman Documentary Distributed by Porter + Craig Film and Media is Now Available on VUDU

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Based on the real-life story of the legendary American filmmaker, producer Myriam Brough recently announced the digital release of her documentary.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 18, 2023/ — Bertrand Tessier & Myriam Brough of California Prod. Films recently announced the digital release of their new hit documentary film on the life of that trailblazing independent filmmaker, the indie Hollywood icon Roger Corman. “Roger Corman: The Pope of Pop Cinema”, distributed by Porter + Craig Film and Media, is currently streaming on VUDU and will be available on all leading OTT platforms soon.

The documentary unfolds the impressive career of “The Godfather of New Hollywood Cinema,” who, through his sensational and sensationalized “high concept” films, ruled the industry for decades, and gave some of the most prominent names in American entertainment their biggest breaks. “The Pope of Pop Cinema” features Ron Howard and one of the last interviews with the late director Peter Bogdanovich, as well as highlighting Corman’s contributions to the early careers of legends like Jack Nicholson, Michael Landon, Joe Dante, Francis Ford Coppola, and Martin Scorsese.

Watch the trailer at Roger Corman: The Pope of Pop Cinema Trailer-VUDU.

The fifty-two-minute-long documentary film offers insightful details of the 90-something legend’s professional career and personal story in his own words, inter-cut with interviews of directors he introduced to the film industry whom he trained and inspired. From his humble beginnings in late ‘50s “drive-in” fare to his honorary Oscar, Corman was unrelenting in his pursuit of bringing cinema into the modern era of freedom of expression and innovation. And for all his reputation in light escapist entertainment, he also mounted classical adaptations of Edgar Allen Poe (which seems less surprising when one takes into account that Corman holds a degree in English Literature from Oxford University.)

Like its subject, “Roger Corman: The Pope of Pop Cinema” charts its own stylish cinematic journey and appropriately won Best Feature Documentary at last year’s Beverly Hills Film Festival. Other awards, citations, and Official Selection laurels came from renowned film festivals around the world, including the prestigious Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Overlook Film Festival, the American Documentary and Animation Film Fund, and the San Francisco Documentary Festival.

“As we strive to continue to bring some of the best films to digital platforms and catering to a world-wide audience, it is with great pleasure for us to bring this amazing Roger Corman’s documentary to a large audience. Way ahead of his time, Roger’s choice of work and his belief in gender equality are some of the many aspects to his great life that must reach every individual. We know viewers will enjoy it! Just as they have with his many great bodies of work”. ~Team, Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution.

California Prod. has produced not only biographies of individual movie and TV icons (like Orson Welles, Henry Jaglom, Jennifer Jones, and David O. Selznick), but retrospectives on American cinema as a whole – with a uniquely European twist, as California Prod.’s principals Myriam Brough and Bertrand Tessier maintain a presence both in Hollywood and their native France. Director and writer Tessier says he enjoys creating documentaries that highlight the stars of Hollywood’s golden age. And Roger Corman’s creative freedom over mega-budget commercial movies, his filmmaking ethics and his respect for art, all deeply motivated Tessier and Brough to tackle this subject, and they have paid tribute to Corman’s commendable career throughout their documentary.

For more details and information, please visit Roger Corman, le pape du pop cinéma (2021) – IMDb. Watch an interview with the team at Roger Corman, The Pope Of Pop Cinema Q&A.

Roger Corman: The Pope of Pop Cinema is a hit documentary on the life of the father of pop Hollywood, Roger Corman, produced by Myriam Brough. Distributed by one of the leading media names, Porter + Craig Film and Media, it is available now on VUDU with other online platforms to release soon.

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