We Are Not Alone

In new film “We Are Not Alone” world leading ufologists & experts share irrefutable proof that we are being visited by UFO’s that are of non human origin

“Millions of people around the world are experiencing contact with UFO & ET’s & they’re all hearing the same urgent message. This film is a call to action for humanity to open their minds and listen.”

— Serena DC

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 3, 2023 / — The biggest ensemble cast of Ufologists and experts have joined together to share what they believe to be the ET‘s urgent message for humanity.

Follow this years Emmy Nominated documentary filmmaker Serena DC (My Transparent Life, Contact – The CE5 Experience) and Michael Mazzola (the creator of Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind & Unacknowledged) as they travel across the USA meeting with the world’s leading Ufologists including Dr. Steven Greer, Jacques Vallee, Paola Harris, Daniel Sheehan, Jim Myers, Andrea Perron and more, plus the most prolific Extraterrestrial Contactees to discover who the beings visiting earth are what messages they are giving to the people they are making contact with.

“This documentary explores the lives of some of the worlds most famous UFO and ET experiences who share their first hand stories about the contact that they have had with extraterrestrials and the urgent messages they have received from these other worldly beings” – Serena DC said.

The question whether we are alone in the universe has remained the number one question in the minds of humanity throughout recorded history. But whilst philosophers, scientists and theologians have spent millenia gazing at the stars there was never any concrete proof of intelligent life outside of our solar system.

Until Now. The US government have confirmed what so many of us already knew to be true. There are craft visiting us, from unknown origins, performing maneuvers in the sky impossible to have been made by man. The world’s leading scientists are discovering thousands of exoplanets, similar to ours, scattered across our galaxy & people, in the millions are coming forward to discuss their personal UFO & ET contact experiences as they gaze at the stars and try to initiate contact using CE5.

In 2023 it is no longer weird to say that you believe there is life on other planets. We are NOT alone. That’s a fact so now we want to know who are flying these craft & most importantly what do the occupants want from humanity?
Ufologists and contactees around the world say that they are all receiving the same message, so what is it? What do these beings want and is humanity ready to step up to the plate and answer their call?

Mentored by Dr. Steven Greer, the films host Serena has used CE5 to make contact with ET’s but aside from seeing amazing UFOs and orbs of light. On this journey she hopes to learn the many methods these experts use to make contact with ET’s so she experiments with CE5 along the way and captures some awe inspiring UFO footage of her own.

“Since practicing CE5 I have seen so many orbs of light and UFO in the skies and captured some amazing footage and I felt like now was the right time to share it with the world”- said Serena DC

At the end of their journey both Michael & Serena agree that there is one clear message that these beings have for humanity and it is the most important message humanity will ever hear.

We Are Not Alone is a call to action for all humanity to step up and hear the call from our galactic brothers and sisters that time is up for planet earth unless we make some significant changes to the way we live our lives, right now!

The film brings together 3 directing powerhouses including Michael Mazzola & Lance Mungia who boast the highest selling UFO & ET documentaries of all time and Serena de Comarmond (Serena DC) whos documentary “My Transparent Life” is one of the 5 nominees this year at the Emmy Awards for Outstanding Documentary.

This film has been made using incredibly realistic “Unreal Engine” animations and features testimony from the most prolific Ufologiest and experiences and also showcases never before seen footage of UFO’s and ET life.

“We really wanted to bring the stories of these experts and experiencers to life so we enlisted the incredible skills of Lance Mungia to create hyper realistic unreal engine animations. We think audiences will be blown away!” – said Michael Mazzola.

The film is available worldwide on Amazon, Apple TV, GooglePlay, Youtube and Cable TV from October 3rd 2023

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