Lore Machine Launches Generative Story Visualization Platform for Writers

A screenshot of the Lore Machine platform.

Lore Machine announces its generative storytelling platform that transforms complete written stories in any language into dynamic visual experiences.

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., USA, November 16, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lore Machine today announced the launch of its generative storytelling platform that transforms complete written stories into dynamic visual experiences. Lore Machine began onboarding waitlisted users today and expects to fully open the platform to the public in January 2024. To celebrate the launch, Lore Machine is providing 100 free tokens for the platform—the equivalent of generating visual adaptations for 4-5 short stories—to users onboarded to the platform before the end of the year.

Lore Machine visualizes stories in any format and language—be it a screenplay, an article, song lyrics, or a novel—through its unique approach to generative AI called composable diffusion. When a writer uploads their story to the Lore Machine platform, it analyzes the narrative to understand character and location attributes, sentiment, and other story elements, which are used to create detailed prompts for visualizing the story. These prompts are used by a chain of transformer models to produce visually and narratively cohesive storyboards in one of Lore Machine’s preset visualization styles, which the writer can further modify with their own prompts.

The Lore Machine platform launched with 9 style presets that writers can use for their visual adaptations and in the future writers will have access to hundreds of visualization styles. Lore Machine is currently partnering with artists to build a style preset marketplace where artists can use their work to create custom models and sell them as stylistic presets to Lore Machine users. Artists will receive 100% of the sales from selling their style presets on the Lore Machine preset marketplace.

Existing single-output foundational generative AI tools can produce individual story elements, but they can’t string them together to create a cohesive visual narrative. Today, it is still difficult and time-consuming for writers to use these tools for visual storytelling because of the lack of persistence in styles, character and location attributes, and other elements across their outputs. Lore Machine solves this “composability problem” for generative AI and empowers writers in a variety of fields—screenwriters, graphic novelists, fiction writers, Substack writers, podcasters, musicians, game designers—to reach new audiences by simplifying the process of visual adaptation.

“We initially built the system to transform scripts into storyboards for screenwriters, but we quickly saw that Lore Machine could be used for so much more,” said Thobey Campion, Lore Machine’s founder and CEO. “Over the last decade, our definition of a writer has evolved. With Lore Machine, the technology to help anyone with a story to tell transform their writing into any visual format just landed on humanity’s doorstep.”

Prior to founding Lore Machine, Campion spent 15 years as the Head of Publishing at VICE Media, where he saw first-hand the importance of visual storytelling in reaching new audiences and the impact new technologies have on writers, filmmakers and other multimedia creators. Campion’s background as a writer and filmmaker has informed his approach to building ethical AI technology at Lore Machine that empowers both writers and artists.

Lore Machine aims to help millions of writers around the world bring their stories to new audiences with its powerful new visualization platform. Writers can join the waitlist for onboarding and learn more about the Lore Machine system at https://www.loremachine.world/



Lore Machine is an AI-collaborative story visualization system that transforms text into immersive multimedia adventures. The generative AI platform makes it turn-key for writers to render their text into 2d and 3D images, audio and animation at story scale. Lore Machine’s multimodal approach gives writers the unprecedented power of an evolving library of transformers from across the AI landscape.

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