Higher Power Documentary Makes World Premiere in Washington D.C.

Ty Hopson-Powell

D.C. set film debuts to a standing ovation in a packed theatre for its powerful portrayal of local cannabis legalization and the ongoing battle for statehood.

We want to educate people in Washington and all around the country. We need Americans to stand with us and support D.C. statehood.”

— Rafi Aliya Crocket

WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES, April 25, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — On Wednesday, April 19, 2023, Higher Power, a compelling documentary chronicling the complex relationship between cannabis prohibition and the ongoing fight for D.C. statehood and their impact on Black Washingtonians debuted to thunderous applause at Landmark E Street Cinema.
More than 200 local elected officials, advocates, entrepreneurs, and community leaders joined filmmakers Dewey A. Ortiz, Jr, and Rafi Aliya Crockett for the screening.

Higher Power highlights the impact of D.C.’s derailed cannabis legalization on Black communities it was enacted to revitalize. The film documents, in real-time, the fight to end prohibition and the disenfranchisement of 700,000 U.S. citizens while weaving in the current battle to establish a legal cannabis industry into the centuries-long fight for D.C. statehood.

“We originally planned to highlight local Black cannabis entrepreneurs in the film, but in DC, there’s a clear connection between the industry and the District’s lack of self-rule, says Higher Power Executive Producer Rafi Aliya Crockett.” “Higher Power ultimately evolved into a story about statehood and the need for 700,000 U.S. citizens to have Congressional representation. We want to educate people in Washington and all around the country. We need Americans to stand with us and support D.C. statehood.”

“I hope people are activated by this film, and I hope the message spreads far and wide to convince Americans to vote for DC statehood. I believe that the vote is the most powerful tool we have,” says Higher Power Director Dewey A. Ortiz. “If it weren’t, they wouldn’t have spent the last century trying to take it away from us. We’re taking this movie around the country to convince people to get out here and vote for congressional members and senators who will vote for D.C. to become a State.”

The premiere featured a Q&A session with Ortiz and Crockett moderated by Queen Adesuyi, a policy strategist specializing in advocacy and coalition building across a range of issues, including marijuana justice reform and drug decriminalization. She was formerly the senior manager of national policy for the Drug Policy Alliance.

Higher Power will be featured in multiple film festivals in 2023.

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Check out the Higher Power trailer here.

For more information about Higher Power, please visit: www.higherpowerfilm.org

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