Grundfos Joins Forces with Brave Blue World Studios to Advance Water Sustainability

Our Blue World

On Earth Day, Grundfos proudly unveils its partnership with Brave Blue World Studios and its commitment to advancing water sustainability.

BJERRINGBRO, DENMARK, April 22, 2024 / — As the world experiences increasing water challenges, Grundfos is taking the lead in raising awareness and inspiring change by partnering in an upcoming inspirational documentary that shows how technologies and innovations are changing how we manage water.

As the world comes together to honor Earth Day, Grundfos proudly unveils its partnership with Brave Blue World Studios and highlights its commitment to advancing water sustainability by taking part in the documentary ‘Our Blue World: A Water Odyssey’, which will be premiered in New York City on April 22, 2024.

This important documentary follows the passionate individuals at the forefront of tackling the global water crisis, showcasing innovative solutions and advocating for a water-secure future. From communities in Africa to urban centers around the world, “Our Blue World” sheds light on the challenges and triumphs in the quest for water sustainability.

A highlight of the documentary is a segment filmed in Burundi, Africa, showcasing the impactful work of Grundfos and NGO Amazi Water. Through combined efforts, Grundfos and Amazi Water transformed the lives and communities of over 2.5 million Burundians by ensuring access to clean water with solar-powered pumps; enabling children to attend school, families to cultivate crops, and fostering a healthier future for all.

Ulrik Gernow, Group EVP and COO of Grundfos said: “This partnership with Brave Blue World Studios reaffirms our dedication to addressing the world’s water challenges and our ambition to mobilize a movement for a more sustainable and water-secure future for generations to come. As a society, we need to recognize that water holds incredible value for the future of our world but our relationship with water is out of balance and we aim to inspire change to take good care of this precious resource.”

“Our Blue World: A Water Odyssey” builds upon the resounding success of the studio’s debut documentary, “Brave Blue World: Racing to Solve Our Water Crisis,” which was featured on Netflix and boasted renowned narrators like Liam Neeson, along with celebrities such as Matt Damon and Jaden Smith.

As Grundfos celebrates Earth Day, and our planet, the business is highlighting the urgency and importance of water sustainability by boldly declaring its commitment to safeguarding the world’s most precious resource – water. Together, Grundfos is committed to creating innovative smart water solutions and leading the way towards a more water secure future.

Stay tuned for a future announcement on when and where the film will be available for public viewing.

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About Grundfos

As a leading global pump and water solutions company, we promise to respect, protect, and advance the flow of water by providing energy and water-efficient solutions and systems for a wide range of applications for water utilities, industries, and buildings. At Grundfos, we want to keep water flowing, while reducing the energy consumption that leads to increasing emissions. Since 1945, Grundfos has been committed to pioneering solutions to solve the world’s water and climate challenges and to improve the quality of life for people. We’re driven to take on the world’s water and climate challenges, developing solutions together with our customers, partners and suppliers that touch millions and millions of people every day. Owned by the Grundfos Foundation (Poul Due Jensen Foundation), Grundfos is a multi-national company with global headquarters in Denmark and the U.S. Main Office and Global Headquarters for Water Utility in Brookshire, Texas. For more information, visit and connect on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook.

About Grundfos’s Water Access Initiatives:

Grundfos has established an ambition to extend access to clean water to millions of people, leveraging partnerships with humanitarian and development aid organizations. Since 2014, Amazi Water has drilled over 850 boreholes, equipped with Grundfos pumps, bringing clean water access to over 2.5 million Burundians. This partnership represents just one of Grundfos’ extensive efforts, which span across various initiatives with prominent global entities, including the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), World Mission, Norwegian Refugee Council, Doctors Without Borders, and World Vision. These collaborations extend across Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Grundfos doesn’t merely offer assistance; we strategically position ourselves to empower millions with access to water. Our aim transcends immediate relief; we aspire to instigate enduring change. Through the deployment of commercially viable, intelligent water solutions, we endeavor to transform these communities, paving the way towards a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

About Brave Blue World Studios:

Brave Blue World Studios is a renowned production studio dedicated to creating impactful documentaries that shed light on pressing global issues. Through storytelling and advocacy, Brave Blue World Studios aims to inspire positive change and mobilize communities toward a more sustainable future.

About Earth Day:

Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22nd, is a global event dedicated to environmental protection and sustainability. It serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving our planet and taking action to address pressing environmental challenges.

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