“Get Your Hands Dirty” with “Addie’s Amazing Adventures” a New Book Series That Inspires Girls to Pursue STEM Careers

Read the newest book in the Charms Book Series: Rocket City Love. The story of young Addie and her Amazing Adventures.

You can download the book for free in February

FREE Book Download in February

Addie’s story resonates with teenagers, encouraging them to dream big and pursue their interests in highly skilled and high-income careers.

I encourage you to share Addie’s story! It is the perfect choice for celebrating Inventors Day on February 11, Engineer’s Day on March 4, and Designer Day on April 27.”

— Loxley Browne

HUNTSVILLE, AL, USA, February 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — For all of the young girls, the budding inventors-engineers-designers, we are thrilled to introduce the launch of a captivating story of “Addie’s Amazing Adventures,” which includes two series: “CHARMS” for young adults and “Get Your Hands Dirty” for children. These groundbreaking series follows the inspiring journey of Addie, a young girl with a passion for inventing cars, planes, and boats that can move the world. The books aim to empower young girls to break barriers in the traditionally male-dominated fields of Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STREAM) careers.

Addie’s Amazing Adventures is a story that resonates with both children and teenagers, encouraging them to dream big and pursue their interests in highly skilled and high-income sectors. The series also presents an excellent opportunity for fathers to connect with their daughters through the shared experience of Addie’s incredible adventures.

The CHARMS Book Series kicks off with “Rocket City Love,” a tale of determination, innovation, and the power of dreams. As a special treat, this book will be available for free download throughout the month of February as a way to spread love and inspiration.

Loxley Browne, the brilliant mind behind Addie’s Amazing Adventures, had this to say: “The story of Addie is a celebration of curiosity, determination, and the limitless potential that exists within every girl. I hope that through her adventures, young readers will be inspired to pursue careers in STREAM fields and know that there are no limits to what they can achieve.”

Parents and educators are encouraged to share Addie’s story with children, making it the perfect choice for celebrating Inventors Day on February 11, Engineer’s Day on March 4, and Designer Day on April 27.

The CHARMS Book Series, along with the Get Your Hands Dirty Book Series, the Athenian Clubhouse for members, and the BeAthenian.org Discovery Zone courses for all ages and genders, serves as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for inspiring the leaders of the future.

To join Addie on her remarkable journey, visit BeAthenian.org to access the CHARMS Book Series #1, “Rocket City Love,” for a complimentary download in February. Let’s come together and share the love for learning, innovation, and breaking gender stereotypes.


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About Addie’s Amazing Adventures:
“Addie’s Amazing Adventures” is a groundbreaking book series that includes the “CHARMS” series for young adults and the “Get Your Hands Dirty” series for children. Created by author Loxley Browne, the series aims to inspire girls to pursue careers in highly skilled and high-income sectors, traditionally dominated by men. Through the captivating journey of Addie, young readers are encouraged to dream big, break barriers, and become the leaders of the future in Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STREAM) fields.

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