Entertainment Presario Lamont “Renzo” Bracy talks 50th Anniversary of Hip-hop and release of new single “Lost 4 Tonight”

Lamont Renzo Bracy

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, July 24, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — With the 50th anniversary of hip-hop less than a month away, the celebrations and tributes to the art have begun in full swing globally. From the five boroughs of New York, Philly, Chicago, Nevada, California, Texas, Florida, and the South, hip-hop lovers are paying homage by celebrating the rich history and the many variations of genres that have spurned rap.

The 50th Anniversary of Hip-hop comes at a time in the industry that has produced some of the hottest names in the game. Coming out of a pandemic, 2023 marks the end of hip-hop’s 30 year run with a song or album in the top spot this late in the year. “Although many in the industry attribute the lack of a number 1 hip-hop album to quality, studies indicate a transformation in technology” states record executive Lamont “Renzo” Bracy. As a matter of fact, it took seven months into 2023 before Lil Uzi Vert’s ‘Pink Tape’ landed the year’s first No. 1 Hip-Hop album.

Many music analysts would suggest that hip-hop has been watered down or saturated by culture vultures injecting different styles, genres and variations into the art. What is the current condition of hip-hop? Lamont “Renzo” Bracy states, “The current state of hip-hop is in a good spot right now. The state of hip-hop has grown and continues to push the envelope of creativity; however, the pioneers and statesmen of the art have planted such a strong foundation that the art will never abandon its roots.”

Pioneer’s such as hip-hop legend and icon KRS-One, L.L. Cool J, and others are spearheading initiatives and events in various cities in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of hip-hop. What began nearly 50 years ago on August 11, 1973, at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx, as a back-to-school jam hosted by hip-hop’s founder DJ Kool Herc, has forever impacted the world. The global impact on the culture can’t be measured by any metric.
2023 has been an interesting year in hip-hop. Make no mistake; the year has been dominated by female M.C.’s, taking claim to the throne. The female rapper emergence has been a long time coming, and they are killing it. “Everything goes and comes in cycles, we appreciate Female M.C.’s, and their amazing contributions to the genre”, states Lamont “Renzo” Bracy. The ladies of hip-hop are no longer standing on the sidelines as the fellas dictate the pace. In the last three years, female rappers have conquered just about every accolade known to man from Grammy Awards, to holding the top spots on Billboard Charts.

With three decades in the recording industry, Lamont “Renzo” Bracy has been an advocate for the rights and administrations for independent artists. As an entertainment writer, author, songwriter, and film director, Renzo feels confident that the state of hip-hop is in good hands. In 2021, Renzo founded the World Premiere Agency (artist representation) and ProMediaBank (entertainment news platform), as his contribution to push and evolve the culture. Fresh off the release of a new single “Lost 4 Tonight”, Lamont “Renzo” Bracy has drawn comparisons to many other executives who serve as musician and exec. In 2023, Lamont “Renzo” Bracy released a children’s book, “The Adventures of Chanel, Elliana and Jaliegha“, in addition to directing the short film, “Rockford Ave. Movie.”

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