Emerging Artist Mb Lu’s Latest Single “Cumbre” Inspires Listeners To Reach New Heights In Life

The official Release of Cumbre is on April 28th, 2023.

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, April 17, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Vienna-based singer-songwriter, Mb Lu, has released her latest single, “Cumbre”. The song is a motivational anthem encouraging listeners to pursue their dreams with its upbeat tempo and catchy melody. “Cumbre” will be officially available on April 28th, 2023.

“Cumbre” was inspired by Mb Lu’s passion for music and determination to succeed. She explains, “This song came up one day out of my tiredness of procrastinating, I saw this quote that just made me snap and go pursue what I love regardless of the outcome. It’s now my time to do it to make it!”

With lyrics like “This time I’m coming, cause this is my summit and I’m arriving, I’m on it cause I want it, I’m out of control, and I’m bringing fire,” “Cumbre” inspires listeners to take control of their lives and strive for success. The song was written by Mb Lu herself, with beats from Starbeats.

“Cumbre” has already received significant attention since its initial release on YouTube, with over 4.5K views in just one week. The song will be officially available on all other digital music platforms, including Spotify and iTunes, from the 28th of April, 2023.

The track boasts a Latino soft reggaeton and pop vibe, with Mb Lu’s smooth vocals and catchy melodies sure to get listeners on their feet. The song’s powerful lyrics, combined with the infectious beat, create an uplifting atmosphere that will inspire and motivate listeners.

In a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming, “Cumbre” is a much-needed reminder that success is achievable with hard work, determination, and a positive mindset. The song encourages listeners to embrace their dreams and push past any obstacles that may arise along the way.

Mb Lu is a rising star in the music industry, and “Cumbre” is another excellent addition to her growing repertoire. The song showcases her talent as both a songwriter and performer, with her passion and love for music shining through in every note.

According to Mb Lu, the process of creating the song was smooth and organic. “I came up with this new song just listening to some beats online and started singing to them. I decided to write the lyrics down and made the song on BandLab. I let a bunch of people hear it and they liked it. I Was cheered to continue with it and so I called up a bunch of recording studios in Vienna till I found the one that fits best.”

“Cumbre” is a must-listen for anyone looking for a dose of motivation and inspiration. Mb Lu’s message is clear, and her determination is infectious. As she sings, “This time I’m coming, cause this is my summit and I’m arriving”, listeners are reminded that they too can reach the pinnacle of success.

With the release of “Cumbre,” Mb Lu is set to make a significant impact in the music industry. Listeners who are looking for motivation and inspiration will find it in abundance in this track.
We already know that fans around the world can’t wait to add this single on their upcoming summer playlists. Hopefully, we shall get a video for the song too. Our anticipation is building with every passing day.

In conclusion, “Cumbre” is a song that will inspire and motivate you to pursue those dreams. Mb Lu’s passion and talent shine through in every note, and her message is a Must Know for everyone.
Make sure to check out “Cumbre” today on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ny0TkefLTn4


Mb Lu is a multi-talented artist, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to a Bolivian mother and Haitian father. Her upbringing in a culturally diverse household has had a significant impact on her music and artistic expression. She currently resides in Baden, Austria, where she continues to develop her craft.

Since a young age, Mb Lu has had a deep love for music. She participated in various musical events, including church choirs and television contests, where she showcased her vocal abilities. However, it wasn’t until she moved to Long Island, New York, at the age of 13 that she started taking music seriously.

In Long Island, Mb Lu sang in a duo at local events, where she gained valuable experience performing in front of a live audience. Her passion for music continued to grow, and she began writing her own songs. Her music is a fusion of soft reggaeton, pop, and uplifting motivation music that is both danceable and inspirational.

Mb Lu draws inspiration from some of the most iconic artists of all time, including Michael Jackson, Madonna, Celia Cruz, and Shakira. These artists have influenced her music style, and she was even nicknamed Celia by her family during her earlier performances, which is a testament to the impact Cruz had on her music.

Mb Lu is not just a singer but also a talented songwriter. Her lyrics are a reflection of her life experiences and aim to connect with her listeners on a personal level. Her music is not just meant to entertain but also to inspire others to pursue their passions. Although Mb Lu is an emerging star in the music industry, her music is sure to leave a lasting impact on her listeners.

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