Debut of Riveting Audio Drama Series “Self-Rising Flower” Set for June 3rd

Self-Rising Flower – The 6-Part Audio Drama on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Follow Erika Daniels and her children as they rise from a home bakery to a dessert empire in the new audio drama series debuting June 3rd.

Our goal with ‘Self-Rising Flower’ was to create a deeply engaging story that listeners can connect with on a personal level. We hope to inspire others looking to start their own family business.”

— Corey A. Burkes

COVINGTON, GA, USA, June 3, 2024 / — Self-Rising Flower” chronicles the entrepreneurial journey of Erika Daniels, an underestimated single mother who discovers a gift for baking and builds a dessert empire over the years with help from her brilliant daughter Aniyah and innovative young son Bryson.

Structured as an audio documentary flashing back through pivotal eras, each episode spotlights key emotional growth moments and developments expanding Erika’s home bakery into a franchise with locations across multiple states and strained family bonds that threaten to crumble all she’s earned through perseverance.

In six parts, the serialized story format allows witnessing organic evolution of central relationships and maturity at an intimate, methodical and intriguing pace.

Cast of Self-Rising Flower

• Erika Daniels played by Ashley Johnson

• Aniyah Daniels played by Izzy Miller

• Bryson Daniels played by Noah Watts

• Lakisha played by Lillie Mae Jones

• Elaine Langford played by Asia Slater

• Shawn Zyaire played by Damian Hill

• Jasmine Foster played by Lianna Perry Fountain

• Show Host played by Jessica Oates

• Additional voices by Sariya Burkes

Captivating Storytelling and High Production Value

Corey Aaron Burkes, known for his emotionally connected and suspenseful storytelling, brings his signature style to this new audio drama. “Self-Rising Flower” features a talented voice cast, immersive sound design, and an original score that enhances the listener’s experience, making it a must-listen for fans of dramatic narratives.

The theme song of “Self-Rising Flower” is composed and written by Liam Bradbury and sung by Jerina. Additional music is provided by Peter (MackSter) McKenzie, Johnathon D. Swan, Caleb Riggins, and Dominique M. Stewart.

Engaging and Authentic Content

The series is set to engage audiences with its authentic portrayal of complex family dynamics and the protagonist’s journey of self-discovery. Each episode reaches deeper into Erika’s world, seeking to inspire listeners along the way.

Launch and Availability

“Self-Rising Flower” will be available on all major podcast platforms starting June 3rd. Listeners can subscribe to the series on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other popular podcast services to ensure they don’t miss an episode.

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Self-Rising Flower – Clip From Episode One

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