Crafting a Green Legacy: Pop Paper City Kids’ TV Series Earns Top Score for Sustainability

Pop Paper City – Still from Episode ‘Mission Poppletoise’ sees the characters protect wildlife and partake in a beach clean up

Pop Paper City: Kids’ TV series with Albert 94% Sustainability Score & 3 Stars, promoting eco-friendly adventures on screen & off. Crafted for a greener future!

BOURNEMOUTH, DORSET, UNITED KINGDOM, February 26, 2024 / — Pop Paper City, the vibrant kids’ 3D craft adventure series known for its “Poptastic” appeal, has achieved a significant milestone, earning an impressive 94% sustainability score and a coveted 3-star Albert Certification. This recognition underscores the series’ steadfast commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness, resonating with child audiences worldwide.

Produced by Lovelove Films, Pop Paper City is the capital of a captivating paper world. Plom, Phoebe, Mae-Mae, Hooper,Zip, and Fly are a group of unique paper friends who live in Pop Paper City. Through their adventures, they find new ways to have fun together–such as playing pirates, building theme parks, and even exploring outer space!When the friends need to make a craft, they call forHelping Hand, who helps them craft something they can use on their adventures. Through beautiful paper creations and their endlessly exciting adventures, the friends learn, grow, and encourage little ones at home to get crafty too!

More than just an animated series, Pop Paper City serves as a gateway to creativity and imagination for children across the globe. Through emphasis on sustainable principles woven into storylines such as Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling, the show inspires young minds to adopt eco-conscious behaviours from an early age, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the planet.

Pop Paper City explores narrative themes through its engaging storytelling, actively promoting sustainability within its storylines. From highlighting renewable energy sources like wind turbines, showcasing eco-friendly transportation options such as electric vehicles, to upcycling toys and looking after wildlife, the storylines highlight the importance of environmental stewardship in a fun and engaging manner.

Moreover, Pop Paper City is committed to sustainable production practices behind the scenes too. Senior studio team members underwent comprehensive training facilitated by Albert and the Carbon Literacy Project to ensure alignment with environmental objectives. Green memos are circulated to the teams and partners, promoting adherence to sustainable practices throughout animation production. The studio also upcycles paper offcuts for future crafting endeavours and utilises eco-friendly transportation options for talent, further reducing its carbon footprint in addition the studio changed power providers to Octopus renewable energy. These are just some of the many ways Pop Paper City earned an impressive Albert Score

In an effort to mitigate its environmental impact, Pop Paper City invested in habitat restoration and wildlife conservation projects. Recognising the critical role of biodiversity in combating climate change, the series supports initiatives aimed at restoring various habitats, including wildflower meadows and woodlands. Additionally, the series offsets its environmental impact through tree planting initiatives, contributing to the preservation of wildlife habitats and the overall well-being of communities in the UK.

Distributed globally by Aardman, Pop Paper City will captivate audiences in over 175 territories, airing on esteemed broadcasters such as Milkshake!, ABC, BBC Studios, and Warner. In the UK, the series is available on Channel 5’s Milkshake! lineup, captivating young viewers with its imaginative storytelling and eco-conscious themes.

Pop Paper City has earned numerous accolades, including the Highly Commended Award for Best Preschool Program at the Broadcast Awards in 2024 as well as an Royal Television Award in 2023 and through its captivating storytelling, commitment to eco-friendly practices, and global reach, Pop Paper City continues to inspire positive change, shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come! Now that’s Poptastic!

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