ChrisCVine Takes Us “Behind The Scenes” With His Newest Music Video for “A-List”

UNITED STATES, March 20, 2024 / — ChrisCVine shows us what it’s like to be behind the scenes of a film set with the music video to his single “A-List”. Filmed in Los Angeles, California by F Jacob Alvarado, this colorful, vibrant video looks like it was just as fun filming it as it is watching. Throughout his

song, ChrisCVine conveys the message of change and growth resulting from heartbreak. Surrounded by talented actresses and colorful sets, Chris did not fail to provide the viewers an entertaining visual to accompany his song with. “I wanted to use the entire studio as the set rather than the sets themselves to portray a “behind the scenes” type of vibe. That’s the reason we included the lighting equipment & cameras in the beginning of the video.” Chris explained. A combination of hyper-pop with trap influenced hi-hats, this composition is perfectly complemented by Chris’ unique, melodic vocals. A-List features a new sound that fans of ChrisCVine aren’t used to hearing from him but he still hopes they will enjoy it just as much as his other songs, if not more.

A-List was first teased when a video uploaded to his Instagram story showed him on set of an indoor video shoot in Downtown Los Angeles in late 2021. With an initial release date set for New Years Day 2021, Chris posted a now deleted statement on Instagram in regards to the delay of the video’s release reading: “My apoplogies, due to circumstances out of my control, I will have to hold the release of my newest single until further notice.” The song was then released 6 months later on June 21, 2022. “As much as I didn’t want to hold back the release, there was nothing I could do about it but I am glad everything did finally come together better than expected and it couldn’t of been done without the help of everyone who participated in the shoot.”

ChrisCVine is no stranger in catching his fans off guard by switching up his sounds and genres. In September 2022, ChrisCVine released his first rock single Running From Love which proves Chris isn’t afraid to switch the energy up at any time if he feels it portays his emotions more. With the past 2 releases being different from the rest, it leaves fans speculating what’s next to come. As ChrisCVine has yet to announce or tease any further releases, based off recent performance footage of unreleased music, we can see Chris still keeps his Hip-Hop/Rap roots close while branching out and enjoying sounds found in other genres as well. ChrisCVine’s music can be streamed on all major platforms and a full catolog of his videos can be found on his official YouTube channel.

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ChrisCVine – A-List (Official Music Video) Dir. by F. Jacob Alvarado

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