AI, Solo Travel & Romania: Key Takeaways from BookRetreats’ Trends Report [2024]

Rising search interest of ayahuasca retreats in the US

Dive into the latest insights and search trends from BookRetreats’ annual travel predictions report and discover what’s next in travel for 2024.

BookRetreats’ data insights revealed a significant spike in alternative wellness retreats, with experiences like ayahuasca increasing by over 120% in just five years within the US.”

— Sean Kelly, Co-Founder of BookRetreats

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA , USA, February 6, 2024 / — As we step into 2024, shares the key travel trends that are shaping how we explore the world. This year, advancements in artificial intelligence, solo travel, and the growing popularity of set-jetting are at the center of these changes. BookRetreats’ 2024 Travel Trends Report sheds light on these evolving trends, revealing how they are influencing holiday choices and what they mean for the future of travel.

‘Wild’ Wellness Travel

In 2023, traditional wellness retreats like yoga made a steady comeback after a decline following the covid-19 global lockdown. But, it was the growing interest in alternative wellness experiences that truly stood out.

Sean Kelly, Co-Founder of BookRetreats notes: “2023 retreat data insights revealed a significant spike in alternative wellness retreats. In the US, we saw interest in indigenous healing experiences like ayahuasca increase by over 120% in just five years. Darkness therapy also had a moment last year, with a surprising outbreak in the Midwest. Looking at the numbers, it’s clear people are no longer searching for a superficial vacation, but a transformative experience.”

AI-Planned Holidays

Recent reports indicate that 61% of consumers are now looking towards generative AI tools to plan their trips. This trend is particularly strong among business travelers and frequent flyers whose busy schedules demand a more efficient and cost-effective booking process.

Despite this shift towards AI, traditional travel agents aren’t out of the picture yet. A major concern for travelers is data privacy, with 51% wary of it. Furthermore, 81% of travelers say they will carefully check any suggestions made by AI before making their final travel decisions.

Sustainable Tourism Grows

In the last 5 years, searches for “sustainable travel” on Google have skyrocketed by 283%, reaching new heights in 2024. This surge is more than a passing trend, as reports show that nearly 80% of travelers are not just interested in sustainable travel options but are also willing to invest more in them. Impressively, 41% of these eco-conscious travelers are ready to pay up to 30% extra for experiences like ecotourism and adventure activities.

This shift isn’t just about spending more; it’s about traveling differently. More and more travelers are switching vacations that tread lighter on the environment, such as scenic train journeys, sailing adventures, and campervan road trips.

Traveling Solo in Groups

Solo travel has been on an upward trajectory since 2015. “Solo vacation packages” spiked +200% in the US in the past 90 days alone, with female tours topping the searches. However, the past year has seen more travelers in their 20s and 30s seek out solo adventures with others.

These group solo tours are specifically designed to bring together individuals with similar interests from all walks of life. They create a space for like-minded travelers to meet, connect, and collectively enjoy new and exciting experiences.

Top Set-Jetting Destinations for 2024

Pop culture is also emerging as a key influencer in holiday destinations. This growing travel trend, known as ‘set-jetting’, revealed that 29% of US travelers are now turning to their favorite films and TV shows for travel inspiration.

Analyzing the most googled and talked-about TV shows and movies, BookRetreats has ranked the top set-jetting destinations for 2024:

1. Bucharest, Romania – Wednesday

2. Greenwich, England – Bridgerton

3. Thailand – The White Lotus

4. Italy & Paris – Emily in Paris

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