Actress Stefaniya Makarova Turns Heads with Bold Fashion Choice at Cannes Film Festival

Actress Stefaniya Makarova makes a striking statement with her daring outfit on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 10, 2024 / — Stefaniya Makarova, renowned for her roles in “John Wick 3,” “Little America,” and “The Kindergarten Teacher,” made a memorable appearance at the Cannes Film Festival in an unprecedented and daring outfit.

The actress arrived at the premiere of “Les Femmes au Balcon (The Balconettes)” by Noémie Merlant in a transparent bodysuit, strategically covering her upper and lower body with red rhinestones. Her choice of attire was a standout moment on the red carpet, capturing the attention of attendees and media alike.

Stefaniya explained her unique fashion decision for the premiere: “It’s perfect to feed two birds with one seed! I had to go to the red carpet and the Campari event right after, which had a red dress code. And my outfit had red rhinestones. When I saw this outfit in the showroom, I knew it was perfect for both occasions. It allowed me to attend the premiere and then head straight to the Campari event without needing to change,” Makarova added.

Stefaniya Makarova’s bold fashion statement not only shocked but also impressed everyone at the festival. This kind of outfit was a first in the history of the Cannes Film Festival, ensuring Makarova left a lasting impression.

Stefaniya Makarova
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Actress Stefaniya Makarova at the premiere of “Les Femmes au Balcon (The Balconettes)” by Noémie Merlant at the Cannes Film Festival

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