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USA, May 22, 2023/ — Whether someone likes round or square pizza, the Pan Duo makes it possible to have both. This innovative design combines the capability of making a fluffy crust round pizza and the crispy edges of a square pizza all in one unique pan.

The Pan Duo is perfect for family pizza night. It is quick and easy to use, so everyone can make their own pizza just the way they like it. The Pan Duo is also great for parties, with its large non-stick cooking surface it can be used as a standard baking pan. It can accommodate a variety of favorite dishes and appetizers such as; chicken strips, wings, pigs in a blanket, casseroles, and even desserts like brownies.

Tired of arguing over who got the bigger slice of pizza. Pan Duo has a patented design featuring built-in grooves that creates the perfect pizza slice, ending the continuous argument that one slice is bigger than the other. The cutting grooves go all the way up to the rim of the pan, allowing the user to see where to cut at. The built in cutting grooves in the pan also eliminate the use of a cutting board and serving tray. Making Pan duo the all in one pan that can be used for cooking, cutting, and even serving on. This saves valuable time and money by not needing to purchase or use multiple cooking equipment.

These pans are made with a copper coating that provides excellent heat distribution and conductivity, so you can be sure that your dish will be cooked perfectly. The durability of the coating also makes the pan oven-safe up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pan Duo is the world’s first titanium ceramic copper non-stick pan. It is made with a unique ceramic coating with titanium and copper in it that is safe and eco-friendly. The pan is free from harmful BPA, PFOS, PFOA, and PTFE materials. The titanium in the coating and the thick hard-anodized aluminum base makes the pan resistant to scratches and ensures that your pan will last for years to come.

But the best part about Pan Duo pans is the non-stick property of the ceramic. Everything you cook will slide right off the pan with no butter or oil required whatsoever. Making Pan Duo a great option for healthy cooking. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to get perfect baking results every time give Pan Duo a try.

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Create The Perfect Pizza & Much More

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