The ‘Oscars of the Visual Arts’ Honor Global Talent

Top 60 Masters Awards

2024 ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards: Celebrating Global Artistic Excellence

Art unites us, transcending boundaries to celebrate our shared human spirit and creativity.”

— Viviana Puello

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, June 3, 2024 / — Top 60 Masters Awards: The ‘Oscars of the Visual Arts’ Honor Global Talent

On June 22nd, at 6 PM, the Museum of Art and Design will be illuminated by the presence of world-class talent with the prestigious 2024 ATIM’s Top 60 Masters Awards. Renowned as the “Oscars of the Visual Arts,” this event, created and presented by ArtTour International Magazine, marks a significant moment in the contemporary art world, celebrating exceptional artists from around the globe.

This year, the Top 60 Masters Awards will not only be a live event but also a global spectacle, thanks to ArtTour International’s extensive broadcast capabilities. The ceremony will be featured on Vivid Arts Network TV and streamed across multiple platforms, reaching thousands of art lovers worldwide. Last year’s broadcast was viewed by over 50,000 people across 180 countries, showcasing the universal appeal and global impact of this prestigious gathering.

An Evening Dedicated to Artistic Mastery and Innovation
This illustrious event will spotlight sixty artists who represent the pinnacle of creativity and innovation in various art forms, including painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, and installation. Each artist has been meticulously selected from over 1200 submissions, reflecting a commitment to diversity and excellence. The evening is not only a celebration but also a testament to these artists’ resilience and dedication to their craft.

The Symbolic Award Sculpture by Viviana Puello
At the heart of the ceremony is the award itself, a stunning 9-inch sculpture titled “Rising Above,” designed by Viviana Puello, the visionary founder and Editor-in-Chief of ArtTour International Magazine. Crafted in Italy, this angelic figure is hand-painted with Ferrari Red and adorned with 24K gold, symbolizing the relentless pursuit of peace and equality. This award serves as a beacon of inspiration, urging artists to continue their advocacy through art.

Viviana Puello: Pioneering Artistic Excellence and Social Advocacy Through the Top 60 Masters Awards
Thirteen years ago, Viviana Puello founded the Top 60 Masters Awards, significantly shaping the art world with her visionary leadership. As the acclaimed founder and driving force behind both the awards and ArtTour International Magazine, Puello has consistently highlighted artistic excellence while advocating for critical social causes, including the fight against war, violence, and inequality. Her profound commitment underscores art’s role as a powerful catalyst for social change and unity worldwide.

The Top 60 Masters 2024 Publication – A Gateway to Global Artistry
Alongside the awards ceremony, the Top 60 Masters 2024 publication will be unveiled. This exquisitely curated book, crafted by Viviana Puello and visually directed by co-founder Alan Grimandi, displays the exceptional talent and varied artistic expressions of the award recipients. Featuring vibrant, full-color pages on high-quality glossy paper, the publication provides a detailed exploration of contemporary art trends and narratives. Celebrated as an Amazon Best Seller in 2021, 2022, and 2023, this release continues to be a highlight for art enthusiasts globally.

A Multifaceted Multimedia Experience
Extending beyond the physical event, ArtTour International continues to innovate with a state-of-the-art multimedia approach. The awards ceremony will be broadcast globally via the Vivid Arts Network, providing an extensive reach that brings these artists’ works to a worldwide audience. This multimedia project not only enhances the visibility of the artists but also creates a dynamic platform for their stories and artworks to inspire across borders.

An Invitation to Experience Artistic Brilliance
ArtTour International extends a warm invitation to artists, collectors, industry leaders, and art lovers to join in this celebration of global artistic achievement. The event promises to be a night of inspiration, recognizing the profound impact of visual arts in our world today.

About ArtTour International Magazine:
ArtTour International Magazine, founded by Viviana Puello and Alan Grimandi, is a premier multimedia platform dedicated to promoting artists worldwide. With a readership that exceeds 10 million art lovers spanning over 180 countries, the magazine has established itself as a leader in the global art scene. Its commitment extends beyond publication, as it seeks to ignite change and foster a deeper appreciation for diverse artistic expressions through its innovative use of digital and print media, including its dynamic extension, Vivid Arts Network TV. This holistic approach amplifies its mission to inspire, unite, and elevate the creative spirits of artists around the globe.

Vivid Arts Network TV extends the reach of ArtTour International by providing a dynamic platform for artists to share their work with an international audience. With viewership in over 180 countries, the network plays a crucial role in the global arts community, offering unprecedented exposure for the artists featured.

For more information about the 2024 ATIM’s Top 60 Masters Awards and to secure your invitation to this landmark event, please visit ArtTour International’s official website.

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