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NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2023 / — “A story of love, death, and survival that had me hooked from the first page.”

“It’s not often you see a romantic novel that also focuses on other aspects of the character’s life. I loved every minute of this book.”

The Last Train from Montreux

This gripping novel, about love, near death, survival, rebirth, and new beginnings, focuses on the main character, Noel Smith, a lapsed Catholic. His world is turned upside down when he meets Anna Marie on his annual ski trip. That first meeting was enough for Noel Smith, a brilliant law student then but ultimately a successful American attorney. He knew that this woman would be the love of his life. However, when they finally acknowledge their love after four long years, an ambiguous question ends their courtship. But Noel never forgets her.

Noel has an outstanding legal career. However, he suffers through the tragic death of his wife and child. He then sublimates his life to his career.

Years later, he must deal with a family secret that changes his understanding of his identity. He then miraculously finds his way back to the love of his life after he is ready to forsake it all. Love always finds a way back!

About the Author

Author Stephen Jerome Kohn has a knack for writing fiction. Although he has authored hundreds of business papers and articles throughout his illustrious career, writing creative fiction defines his forte. Trained professionally as an economist, he spent most of his career consulting with banks and other businesses in the United States and the international arena. However, due to his multi-faceted career and adventurous, well-traveled lifestyle, Stephen now considers himself a polymath.

Writing had always been Stephen’s most pleasurable creative endeavor. He decided ten years ago to dabble in writing fiction resulting in two books of short stories: Hearts: Breaking/Mending and Saints and Sinners.

Stephen is working on two new books, one on ethical behavior and another, An Encyclopedia of My Life.

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