The Eye of God by Aeternus Costin seeks to reconcile logic with spiritual beliefs

The Eye of God

Aeternus Costin, a self-taught philosopher, seeks enlightenment at the intersection of science, metaphysics, and religion.

Aeternus Costin’s The Eye of God provides a thoughtful attempt at reconciling a conception of God with scientific orthodoxy.”

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ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2024 / — “The Eye of God”

A Revolutionary Exploration of Science, Philosophy, and Spirituality

In his groundbreaking book, The Eye of God, self-taught philosopher Aeternus Costin embarks on a transformative journey that challenges conventional religious dogma while bridging the gap between reason and transcendence. Drawing from centuries of philosophical thought, Costin presents a compelling argument for the existence of God—one rooted in philosophy, logic, and the force science calls Gravity.

Key Points:

Evolution of Belief: Costin traces the evolution of belief in gods, demonstrating how pre-scientific humans projected their limited understanding of the environment onto divine beings. From an anthropological perspective, this phenomenon explains the worldwide prevalence of religious faith.

The Unseen Force: Across cultures, humans have intuited the existence of an unseen, all-powerful force responsible for creating the cosmos. Through rational inquiry, Costin reveals that this force—the same force that governs the universe—is none other than Gravity.

Gravity as God: By logically connecting scientific evidence to spiritual understanding, The Eye of God asserts that Gravity transcends its own creation while remaining immanent within it. This eternal, omnipresent force aligns with humanity’s concept of God.

Liberation from Superstition: Armed with the rules of logic, Costin liberates mankind from antiquated superstitions and harmful religious ideologies. His work challenges extremists and fundamentalists, advocating for a harmonious coexistence of science and spirituality.

A Call to Reflect: The Eye of God invites readers to reflect on their role within the universe, inspiring a quest for knowledge, truth, and a rational understanding of existence.

Costin’s eloquent prose and unwavering commitment to reason make The Eye of God a must-read for seekers of universal truths. Join the conversation and discover a new paradigm that unites science and spirituality.

About Aeternus Costin: Aeternus Costin is a self-taught philosopher and author of the new novel The Eye of God. Before listening to every philosophy podcast he could find, spending thousands of hours on the internet researching philosophical thought, and reading major philosophical works, he was an IT Guy. Before joining the US Military in the mid-`90s and becoming an IT Guy, he was a country boy from the Deep South who loved fishing and watching College Football. When he isn’t working on AI or writing a book on the nature of reality, he still loves fishing and watching College Football, as well as drinking cups of hot tea with his wife, and driving his little tractor around on their farm.

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Pages: 122

Tag line: Atheism is dead.

Release date April 30th, 2024.

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