“The Chosen Lawyer” and JewBu Launches Forward-Thinking Book “The Bible 3.0”

Jonathan A. Hacohen, Jewish Buddhist and author, connects with students and readers

Jonathan A. Hacohen, author and Jewish Buddhist or “JewBu”, flaunts his book

Jonathan A. Hacohen, “JewBu” or Jewish Buddhist, shares his complete turn-around in mind, body, and spirit with “The Bible 3.0,” his unique life-saving formula.

Like Moses, these 6 Commandments were channeled by me through God as a gift to share with the people.”

— Jonathan A. Hacohen

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 23, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — When Toronto native, Jonathan A. Hacohen, first-time author of a new motivational-inspirational personal growth book, “The Bible 3.0, The 6 Commandments of the Chosen Life: A Roadmap to Personal Success and Enlightenment,” released on January 18, 2024, by The Awakened Press, had an idea about writing a book over 10 years ago about how he went from nearing death to thriving in life, he never expected his life story to get turned into a book.

It wasn’t until a decade later that Hacohen became seriously committed to finishing writing, and eventually publishing, his manuscript, which earned the title “The Bible 3.0,” as he puts it, when he unexpectedly landed a book deal with Lindsay R.A. Dierking, founder and publisher of The Awakened Press, an independent publishing agency in Sedona, Arizona, U.S.A.

Though Hacohen is best known as “The Chosen Lawyer,” in Canadian law circles as a partner in his law firm, Kormans LLP, most folks aren’t aware that he credits yoga and meditation as saving his life after they were revealed to him in 2009, whereupon he became an avid yogi, blending his Jewish roots with Buddhist teachings, eventually resulting in his complete turn-around in mind, body, and spirit. This motivated him to spend years actively training toward becoming a professional boxer, and compete at an Ultimate Fitness Events competition where he won Silver and Bronze medals.

“I wanted to produce the greatest book ever written,” Hacohen, a Jewish Buddhist, or “JewBu” for short, explains. “This new book I am sharing with the world includes fundamental principles that saved my life and soul; this book is my existence on Earth. I wanted to be able to get this out so people can get inspired and through learning about my life, they can then discover the life that they truly want to live. I never expected it to be published, especially with the title of ‘The Bible 3.0.’”

This fundamental lifestyle guide revolves around 6 self-invented principles Hacohen declares are the “6 Commandments,” a blend of new and ancient practices that, when applied by those seeking transformation, self-actualize the reader or receiver to achieve high performance in virtually every area of their life, so they can become the best version of themselves they want to be.

“The Bible 3.0” title has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with practical, everyday life routines that, when combined and lived, create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that help readers quit sleepwalking through life, discover sustainable whole-body health, improve their day-to-day-living, and achieve high performance.

However, Hacohen asserts that, “Like Moses, these 6 Commandments were channeled by me through God as a gift to share with the people. By incorporating these core lifestyle principles, consisting of sleep, water, nutrition, physical activity, meditation, and yoga, I was able to reinvent and reinvigorate myself from a rock-bottom place in life, including poor health, due to my own life choices.”

“The Bible 3.0 title had to stick,” says Dierking. “I was surprised about the title at first, and of course I thought it was shocking. But when I first read the manuscript, I knew what Jonathan was presenting was not some nonsensical material. This is something practical and timeless. What he shares in this book not only saved his life, but allowed him to thrive and live beyond what he ever thought possible. I thought, this is something others can do, that needs to be shared with the world.”

The book is currently available to over 40,000 retailers worldwide in e-book and paperback, including libraries, schools, and universities, Amazon Worldwide including Amazon.com and Amazon.ca, the latter of which ranked #40 in Mind, Body and Spirit Self-Help and #92 in Personal Transformation Books, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and your local independent bookstores. Audiobook coming soon.

The author celebrates the 6 core practices at a book launch event on January 27, 2024, with an exclusive signing from 6:00–9:00 PM EST at Alternity, 333 Bloor St. W., Toronto, ON, M5S 1W7 (www.alter8.com).

For discounts and bulk purchases, contact Lindsay R.A. Dierking at [email protected] or visit www.theawakenedpress.com. For more information on the book, or to contact Jonathan A. Hacohen directly on social media @ChosenLawyer and visit the website at www.theBible3.com.

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