Tamika Christy’s New Novel Roux Sells Out on Amazon One Month After Release

ROUX by Tamika Christy

Author – Tamika Christy

The extraordinary author and mental health advocate sheds light on generational trauma through prose.

I use fiction to illuminate the shadows of mental health, disrupt cycles of dysfunction and trauma, and bridge generational gaps to foster empathy, understanding, and redemption.”

— Tamika Christy

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Award-winning author Tamika Christy crafts storylines and characters so genuine and relatable that they feel like spending time with real friends and family, and readers could not agree more. Her new book, which became available last month, has already sold out on Amazon.

On Jan. 27 she kicked off the launch of Roux at Shanklin Hall in Washington, D.C. with a reading, question and answer session, and copy signing. Earlier in January, Christy was also interviewed on LIVE in the Bay on KRON4 News in San Francisco.

Roux is written in the same storytelling spirit as it introduces three inspiring female protagonists through an intergenerational tale set in southern Louisiana. Through a series of time jumps between past and present, Christy intricately weaves together the lives of the Chavis family through sisterhood and mother-daughter relationships.

The story shares the narratives of Manon, the now isolated socialite dealing with fragile emotions and physical health; Emersyn, the ambitious Gen Z career woman longing for familial connections; and Odester, the younger sister seeking love and approval as she competes with her siblings and battles personal demons.

Readers experience the author’s deep appreciation for complex family dynamics as she explores the themes of mental illness and the complexity of close relationships. The novel also shows the unique hardships, triumphs, culture, and values of the African American family.

“When people ask why I write, my answer is simple,” she said. “I use fiction to illuminate the shadows of mental health, disrupt cycles of dysfunction and trauma, and bridge generational gaps to foster empathy, understanding, and redemption.”

Christy invites readers to embark on a transformative journey as she advocates for self-care and mental health awareness, especially among women. Readers will find solace and healing through her stories, diving into their emotions to discover inner strength, and inspiration to overcome life’s challenges. 

Aside from her own published work, the novelist encourages aspiring writers to write freely without self-judgment and to explore topics that may initially seem unfamiliar. As Christy continues her press tour promoting ROUX, she will also be launching a program to help other aspiring writers get published.

Roux is now available for sale through Barnes and Noble and wherever books are sold.

About the Author: Tamika Christy is an inspirational author and storyteller. With a passion for writing from her early years, Tamika has always been captivated by the power of stories and their potential to bring about meaningful change. She wrote short stories throughout high school and college. After graduating law school, she continued to be driven by her passion for storytelling. Her debut novel Anytime Soon was released in 2013 and showcased her courageous approach to exploring difficult topics such as addiction, divorce, mental illness, self-awareness, and spirituality. Throughout her novels, Tamika provides readers with an uplifting and entertaining read that is full of laughter, forgiveness, self-care themes and redemption.

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