Caretaker: The Goodpasture Chronicles

R.J. Halbert


A book with soul inspired by the real-life journey of the authors.”

— Tosca Lee, New York Times bestselling author

UNITED STATES, May 13, 2024 / — An Emmy and Grammy award-winning producer and songwriter and music director for Kelly Clarkson has, along with his wife, delved into the thriller book genre with a supernatural tale about breaking generational curses to forge new bonds of hope.

The writing team of Jason Halbert and Rhonda Halbert, under the pen name R.J. Halbert, has published CARETAKER: Book One of The Goodpasture Chronicles, a fantastical story of mystery, suspense, endurance, and triumph.

With a cast of diversely gifted characters, CARETAKER tells the story of a family in dire need of a fresh new start and a mysterious house tied to the past — its own and theirs. As past emotional wounds are re-opened, the Keane family’s once-idyllic new home takes a sinister turn, threatening to end their new beginning forever.

The family tries to make sense of all the craziness and unexplained events, surmising that the answers lie somewhere within the foundations of the property they now call home. Be it cursed ancient mythology, dark magic, or just chilling coincidence, they need to find the missing pieces and unlock the secrets of their house on the hill – with the help of the caretaker, an unassuming and mysterious presence on the property, who, per the will of his uncle Mr. Goodpasture, is entitled to stay on the land regardless of its changing ownership.

“I descend from a long line of storytellers,” says Jason Halbert. “As a child, I was always surrounded by fabulous tales, impossible dreams, and fantastical journeys. My family had a way of turning intense trauma into adventure. After our world was turned upside down one traumatic event after another, the only way we knew to process it was to tell our stories.”

After an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” the #1 rated afternoon syndicated talk show, “Caretaker” rose to the #1 spot on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases.” On the show, Jason and Rhonda shared how experiencing tremendous loss in the last few years led them to write a supernatural story about a family in search of a fresh start in order to process their own heartache. Kelly also revealed she will star in the upcoming audiobook, and therapist Dr. Lee Long shared how the book can help readers find a fresh start through community this Mental Health Awareness Month.

R.J Halbert will be spending the summer promoting Caretaker extensively with a national campaign including promotional appearances, book signings, podcasts, and talk radio.

CARETAKER is available on Amazon and other popular retail outlets where books are sold.


R.J. Halbert is the husband-and-wife team behind CARETAKER, Book One of The Goodpasture Chronicles.

Jason Halbert, one-half of R.J. Halbert, is an Emmy and Grammy Award-winning producer and songwriter. His songs have reached millions of listeners worldwide through multiple #1 and Platinum selling albums. In addition to his 20+ year career as Music Director and Producer for Kelly Clarkson and several other notable artists, he has left his unique creative mark on numerous works in film and television. When not creating music, he loves beekeeping, Sci-Fi, and is known to be quite a storyteller.

After homeschooling their two children around the world on a tour bus, Rhonda Halbert, the second half of R.J. Halbert, has spent the past 10 years as a successful music and television manager, guiding her clients’ relationships with labels, networks, and producers. She is also a published photographer, music supervisor, passionate cook, garden enthusiast, and spiritual practitioner.

Together, Jason and Rhonda have woven their 30+ years of life together into a riveting story,

based somewhat on truth and experience, but even more so, brimming with imagination.


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