Stroke Survivor Terence Ang’s “Emerging From the Dark” to be recognized at Independent Press Award’s ceremony on June 24

“Emerging From the Dark: Stroke…The Untold Stories” by Terence Ang

2024 Distinguished Favorite

2024 Distinguished Favorite

Author Terence Ang

Author Terence Ang

SOLD OUT: Terence Ang's new book "Strength In Motion: The Next Chapter Of Stroke " and "Emerging From the Dark: Stroke...The Untold Stories" gets sold out at the recent Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2024.

SOLD OUT: Terence Ang’s new book “Strength In Motion: The Next Chapter Of Stroke ” and “Emerging From the Dark: Stroke…The Untold Stories” gets sold out at the recent Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2024.

Awarded the BookFest Award and the Literary Titan Book Award

Awarded the BookFest Award and the Literary Titan Book Award

Terence Ang’s “Emerging From the Dark: Stroke…The Untold Stories” will be bestowed a Distinguished Favorite status at the Independent Press Award ceremony.

Raising awareness helps break down this stigma and negative belief. It shows that life can still be fulfilling and meaningful after a stroke. Writing these books became my way of giving back.”

— Terence Ang

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2024 / — The INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD, one of the most prestigious book award programs globally for independent authors, publishers, and illustrators, will recognize “Emerging From the Dark: Stroke…The Untold Stories” as a 2024 Distinguished Favorite in the Inspiration category at its award dinner and ceremony,, on June 24th, 2024.

In addition, Terence Ang, a multiple award-winning author, who’s new book -“Strength In Motion: The Next Chapter Of Stroke” as well as the Independent Press Award Distinguished Favorite “Emerging From the Dark: Stroke…The Untold Stories” were recently sold out at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2024.

Ang’s inspiration came from his own stroke experience, which had a very personal and profound effect on him. Stroke can happen at any age, and Ang maintains that those who experience a stroke want to be treated as people, not as victims. Ang’s hope is that no one who has had a stroke feels alone, and that they can find inspiration in his story to continue living life with hope and purpose.

Brief Book Descriptions

“Strength in Motion: The Next Chapter of Stroke” is Terence Ang’s third book, following “A Cry in the Dark” and “Emerging from the Dark.”

“Strength in Motion: The Next Chapter of Stroke” offers a profound look at one man’s incredible journey of triumph over adversity, shedding light on the physical, emotional, and psychological hurdles that often characterize the aftermath of a stroke.

From someone gripped by fear to an individual emerging with greater strength and confidence, Terence’s story transcends the ordinary and speaks to the indomitable spirit that resides within us all.

Within these pages, readers are taken on a voyage into the transformative power of exercise, witnessing how movement contributes not only to the restoration of physical abilities, but also the reshaping of one’s mindset.

The inclusion of medical perspectives and fellow stroke survivors’ narratives provide a broader understanding of the complexities inherent in stroke recovery. This book intertwines expert insights with Terence’s journey together with previously unreleased images providing a visual diary of his life, exploring the transformative potential of exercise in stroke recovery. It was crafted to offer a fresh perspective on the subject, with QR codes that link to various exercises featured in the book.

“Strength in Motion: The Next Chapter of Stroke” aims to empower survivors of stroke, and initiate discussions on how the larger society can offer support and solidarity to those on the path of recovery. It presents much opportunity to explore innovative approaches, resources, and avenues for enhancing the lives of stroke survivors. The book was recently awarded the BookFest and Literary Titans Book Awards.

Brief Book Inspiration in the author’s own words

Strokes are often misunderstood, and it is time to change that. I, like many others, once believed it was an affliction of the elderly or those with pre-existing conditions. But the truth is, strokes can knock on anyone’s door unexpectedly. They can affect anyone at any age, regardless of their health status.

Talking about strokes and sharing information is very important. Many people still do not know much about strokes and might have wrong ideas. Some people also believe that having a stroke is the end of a good life, which can be discouraging. Raising awareness helps break down this stigma and negative belief. It shows that life can still be fulfilling and meaningful after a stroke.

Writing these books became my way of giving back and extending a hand to those who might be facing their own battles. In sharing my story, I hope that no one has to feel isolated in their struggles. If my words can resonate with just one person, letting them know they are not alone, then the purpose of putting pen to paper is fulfilled.

When it comes to supporting stroke survivors, empathy plays a pivotal role. As friends, family, and community members, it is essential that we educate ourselves about these challenges to offer the right kind of support that truly makes a difference. This includes promoting accessibility in public spaces, advocating for workplace accommodations, and fostering a culture of inclusion.

It requires ongoing education and a commitment to addressing the multifaceted challenges stroke survivors face. By cultivating awareness, providing practical assistance, and fostering emotional support, we can significantly contribute to the well-being and quality of life of those on their journey to recovery.

Brief Author Bio

★★★★★ “Terence Ang has written a wonderful book. Strokes can be debilitating – or they can be dealt with in a way that allows people to continue to live happy and productive lives. He says it best: “I want to raise awareness that anyone can suffer a stroke. I also want to tell fellow victims, as well as their caregivers and loved ones, that they are not alone. There is help and there is hope.” I encourage anyone who has had a stroke, or has a loved one who has, to read this wonderful book.”

– Paul Brandus, Columnist for USA Today and Dow Jones/MarketWatch, acclaimed author and an award-winning member of the White House press corps

In August 2020, Terence Ang, then the director of digital marketing and e-commerce for a leading Singaporean electronics and home appliances company, confronted a shocking personal crisis. An unexpected stroke seized his independence and thrust him into a harsh, new reality.

His first book, A Cry in the Dark, embodies this transformative journey, capturing his initial confusion and struggle and culminating in a poignant display of resilience. His heartfelt depiction of the battle to regain normalcy amidst emotional turmoil and harsh realities drew significant recognition, including a speaking engagement at the World Stroke Congress 2022 and nominations for Best Illustrated Non-Fiction and Best Cover Design at the 2023 Singapore Book Awards.

In his second literary feat, Emerging from the Dark, Ang extends the narrative, weaving together the stirring stories of other stroke survivors with his own hand- drawn illustrations. The book presents an intimate tapestry of lives at different stages of stroke recovery, revealing tales of tremendous courage and resolve. These are not victims but fighters, individuals battling tenaciously to regain their daily lives, however altered their “new normal”; might be. This enlightening book shifts perspectives on stroke recovery, emphasizing positive outlooks and a rejection of pity. It is a call to listen to these remarkable stories. Emerging from the Dark has garnered numerous accolades, including the Firebird Book Award, the BookFest Book Awards, the Independent Press Award, Literary Titan Gold Award and recognition at the Hollywood Book Festival, ReadersFavorite International Book Award, NYC Big Book Award, and Global Book Awards. It has also been named a finalist for prestigious honours such as the Book of the Year Awards, Paris Book Festival.

Through his inspiring personal journey and his continued work on his third book, Terence Ang’s story stands as a symbol of hope, strength, and the transformative power of adversity. His work illuminates the often-silent struggles of stroke survivors, inspiring countless readers and serving as a beacon of resilience for all who face life’s unpredictable challenges.

In October 2023 on World Stroke Day, Gabby Olczak, hostess of the interviewed Ang where he highlights post-stroke life in an interesting, unique, and powerful way. Ang shares his courageous spirit, grit, and determination to build a life…What can you gain after losing so much?

You can hear the full interview at…the-untold-stories.  In addition, the interview is available now on GAB TALKS podcast streaming on iHeart RadioSpotify, Apple Podcasts, and about 40 other streaming podcast services.  For those who prefer to watch the video version, one can visit the Independent Press Award YouTube channel.

“Strength in Motion: The Next Chapter of Stroke” retails for US$28 (paperback) and US$58 (hardcover) and is also available in electronic formats. To order or know more about the book, visit

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“Emerging From the Dark: Stroke…The Untold Stories,” by Terence Ang

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