Hospitality for Alien Strangers: A Story of Hope for Humanity

Pastor and author Stephen McCutchan unveils a compelling ride toward transformation and redemption with his latest Sci-Fi release

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2024 / — Deep within a bustling city, once vibrant with the comforts of familiarity, now lies trapped beneath an indestructible barrier, its skyline dominated by the imposing shapes of alien spacecraft. Thus begins Stephen McCutchan’s captivating saga, “Hospitality for Alien Strangers: A Story of Hope for Humanity,” a tale that thrusts humanity into a reckoning of its very essence.

As extraterrestrial beings issue a daunting ultimatum—to prove humanity’s worth in a mere five years—the helm of responsibility falls upon the shoulders of a humble pastor and the innocence of children. And so opens up a whirlwind of soul-searching and revelation, evoking deep contemplation on the nature of one’s existence and the bonds that unite everyone.

While not claiming to emulate the divine elegance of biblical parables, the novel sparks thought-provoking discussions about the sanctity of life and the inherent value of each person. Readers are encouraged to imagine a world where compassion and empathy are not just virtues but a way of life, where every look recognizes the worth of every human being.

“Hospitality for Alien Strangers: A Story of Hope for Humanity” shines as a guiding light, leading the audience through challenging times and opening doors to a future brimming with harmony and brilliance. Beyond its pages, this narrative transcends, igniting thoughts about the significant realities of life and encouraging discourse about personal identity and the collective fate of mankind.

With over five decades of experience as a seasoned Presbyterian pastor, Stephen McCutchan brings a fountain of knowledge to his craft. Since retiring in 2006, McCutchan has dedicated himself to developing resources that can assist clergy and congregations in successfully navigating the complexities of modern society. From engrossing mystery thrillers to heartfelt devotional reflections, his diverse range of work highlights his unwavering dedication to fostering spiritual growth and resilience in today’s world.

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