Soar a Burning Sky

“Soar a Burning Sky” by Steven Michael Beck

Author Steven Michael Beck

A Riveting Fantasy Epic Launches on Patreon This Earth Day, Inspiring Individual Action for Global Change

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2024 / — Esteemed author and renowned artist Steven Michael Beck is set to captivate young adults and fantasy enthusiasts with the Earth Day launch of his dystopian epic, “Soar a Burning Sky,” on Patreon. Aimed at the young adult demographic with aspirations to cross generational boundaries, this tale of otherworldly adventure and the quest for balance is a timely nod to the trials and tribulations of our own world.

Embark on an Epic Journey This Earth Day

On Earth Day, a day dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of the Earth’s natural beauty, “Soar a Burning Sky” invites readers to begin a journey that intertwines with the essence of the day. Beck’s novel, set in the fantastical world of EonThera, explores themes of balance, destiny, and the resilience of nature through a cast of compelling characters and richly imagined landscapes.

The Story – A Call to Change

Beck’s “Soar a Burning Sky” is not only a saga filled with myth and courage but also a call to individual action. Readers are drawn into a world where their engagement with the story parallels a commitment to the environment, highlighting the novel’s release on Earth Day as a symbolic reminder of the individual’s power to affect global change.

A Pledge to the Planet

Aligning with Earth Day, the launch of “Soar a Burning Sky” goes beyond the traditional book release by embedding an environmental pledge within every subscription. As readers embark on this adventure, their participation extends to support tree-planting initiatives, making each subscription a step towards a greener future.

About the Author

Steven Michael Beck has long influenced the fields of film and literature with his dynamic storytelling and evocative artwork. With the Earth Day release of “Soar a Burning Sky,” he extends an invitation to readers to join a movement where fantasy kindles the spirit of conservation and underscores the belief that each person holds the potential to make a monumental impact.

Experience the Magic and Make a Difference

Celebrate Earth Day by delving into “Soar a Burning Sky” on Patreon. With every turn of the page, join a global community of readers who are taking a stand for our planet. The journey starts here:

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