‘So Who is God, Anyway?’ by G.S. Payne

So Who is God, Anyway? book cover

ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author and researcher G.S. Payne takes readers on an unprecedented journey through the annals of philosophical and religious thought with the release of his latest book, So Who is God, Anyway?: An (UN)orthodox Theory for Doubters, Skeptics, and Recovering Fundamentalists. This compelling work delves into more than 2,500 years of debates and ideas about the existence and nature of God, presented with Payne’s characteristic wit and engaging prose.

In So Who is God, Anyway?, Payne, self-described writer, sleuth, and eternally curious ruminator, employs humor and the rigorous tools of philosophy to trace the evolution of thought among some of history’s most influential thinkers. The book challenges conventional views, presenting a startling and fresh philosophical conception of God that transcends traditional narratives and is acknowledged by all major religions, yet often overlooked.

Praise for So Who is God, Anyway?

Kirkus Reviews describes the book as “a well-written and convincing rumination on the divine,” highlighting Payne’s skill in making complex concepts accessible and engaging.

Reader Views offers a glowing five-star review, calling it an “edgy but kind exploration of God’s existence and nature.”

According to BookLife, where it is an “Editor’s Pick,” the book “explains complex philosophical concepts clearly and accurately,” making it suitable for skeptics and believers alike.

Midwest Book Review praises Payne for his “humor, wit, and thought-provoking insights,” making a “convincing case that there is more to God than meets the eye.”

Readers’ Favorite commends the author for his “exceptional research” and conversational delivery that makes readers feel like they’re enjoying a chat over lemonade.

So Who is God, Anyway? is not just for philosophers but for anyone intrigued by the big questions about God, existence, and the spiritual life. It is especially recommended for doubters, skeptics, recovering fundamentalists, or simply those looking for a stimulating read.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com and wherever books are sold.

About the Author

G.S. Payne is an award-winning ghostwriter of over forty books. In his spare time, he has always found himself drawn to “the big questions” of life, and philosophy is his major avocation. “So Who is God, Anyway?: an UNorthodox Theory for Doubters, Skeptics, and Recovering Fundamentalists,” is the culmination of more than 30 years of philosophical research into the questions of God’s existence and God’s nature. Payne lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida and when he’s not writing or mulling the big questions, he can be found on his sailboat, Pilar, named after Ernest Hemingway’s fishing boat. He also enjoys the cinema and traveling, and when engaged in the latter, he seeks out historic hotels (preferably haunted ones) and good Irish pubs. Of all the things he’s most proud of, being a father and grandfather top the list.

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