“Remember This Day” Wins the Reader Views Bronze Award in Poetry, Celebrating Life’s Resilience through Poetry

Remember This Day

Linda Drattell

Drattell’s award-winning collection intertwines soulful introspections with nature’s resilience, crafting a call to embrace life’s natural wonders.

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Reader Views awards Linda Drattell’s “Remember This Day” the Bronze Award in Poetry for 2023, celebrating its exploration of the intimate relationship between humans and nature. Drattell transforms nature from a broad concept into a vivid, personal experience. She probes the natural world’s raw beauty and resilience, from wildlife’s primal instincts to the tranquility of outdoor activities. Urging readers to rediscover the joy of the outdoors, her poetry connects the inner human experience with the surrounding natural world, offering a deeply personal and reflective journey.

Drawing inspiration from the resilience of the human spirit in the face of life’s most daunting challenges, Drattell reflects, “My poetry is about experiences in life – struggling to survive against unrelenting obstacles, confronting death, holding on to connections with those we hold dear, retaining dignity in old age, and surviving a terror attack. The focus of each poem is the ‘takeaway’ – not just a description of what happened but what may be learned from the experience.”

Complementing this award, “Remember This Day” has elicited a chorus of praise from reviewers everywhere:

“In Remember This Day, Linda Drattell portrays the ordinary in everyday life with warmth, compassion, and a soft brush of understanding. In a clear and respectful voice, she champions the natural world and gives credence to its vulnerability. This collection also tackles the extraordinary. – Constance Hanstedt, author of Don’t Leave Yet: How My Mother’s Alzheimer’s Opened My Heart and Treading Water

“Linda Drattell’s poems immerse the reader, in tender moments with her beloved aging horse and menagerie of goats, in the endorphine high of running, and in the book’s climatic poem “Promenade des Anglais” which recounts a traumatic event that will replay in the reader’s mind long after turning the final page. Linda writes poetry to be savored and re-read.” – James Morehead, Poet Laureate-Dublin, CA and author of canvas and portraits of red and gray

“In Remember This Day the clean slate of nature, free from irony and bitterness, teaches us city dwellers it’s age-old, quiet, modest and heroic wisdom about mortality, aging, loss, defiance, mobility, compassion and courage. We are lifted to those moments and when we return to our present we see it with new eyes.” – Mary Rakow, Ph.D., award-winning novelist and freelance editor

“Linda Drattell is an awesome poet. She presents readers with an amazing collection of both well-written and diverse forms of poetry. Ms. Drattell can go very deep or as light as a feather, but her poems are always thought-provoking and inspiring. I found myself reflecting on my own experience of life and my own relationship with nature. I found her poetry soothing and healing and am grateful to have read it. Her talent and skill deserve recognition. Definitely, an author to follow.” – Susan Violante, Managing Editor, Reader Views

Drattell’s poetry is engaging as she reflects on present and past emotions with so much compassion. You can see she’s got a big heart through her beautiful words. I look forward to hearing more from her!” – Amazon Reviewer

REMEMBER THIS DAY (ISBN: 979-8888383254, Finishing Line Press (2023) is available at online bookstores everywhere.


Linda Drattell is an author, poet, and advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing residing in Northern California. Her poetry collection, Remember This Day, was published by Finishing Line Press in August 2023 and received a bronze award from the 2023-2024 Reader Views Reviewer’s Choice Awards. A second poetry collection, The Lighter Side of Horse Manure, has also been accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press and will be published in 2024.

Drattell’s poetry has appeared in both online publications and anthologies, including Prompt for the Press; Viewless Wings; Wingless Dreamer’s Field of Black Roses, Vanish in Poetry, Ink the Universe, Unveil the Memories, Summer Fireflies, Crystalline Whispers, and Rhapsodies of Rhyme anthologies; Las Positas College’s 2022 and 2023 Havik anthologies; Bubble Literary Magazine; https://www.misslizsteatime.com/post/together-we-make-a-difference; and California Writers Club Phases anthology. Her flash fiction, “The Appointment,” is a finalist for the Loft Books Prize and is scheduled to be published with them next month. Her co-authored children’s book – Who Wants to be Friends With a Dragon? – was published in March of last year by Dorrance Publishing Company and received a Distinguished Favorite Award from the 2024 Independent Press Awards. An excerpt from her unpublished adult novel was published in Embark Literary Magazine. Her short story, “The Vote,” was published in the California Writers Club/Tri-Valley Chapter’s anthology, Voices of the Valley: Through the Window, and was recently featured on the Catch The Story! podcast. A nonfiction essay was published in Mark Drolsbaugh’s On the Fence: The Hidden World of the Hard of Hearing.

Linda Drattell holds an MBA from the American University and serves as board secretary of the California Communications Access Foundation and membership chair of the California Writers Club/Tri-Valley Writers Branch.

Learn more about Linda Drattell and her work at https://lindadrattell.com.

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