Reader Views Bronze Award in Fantasy Goes to “Light Burns” for Its Hopeful Take on the Afterlife and Second Chances

Light Burns

Robert Russin

Robert Russin’s fantasy, “Light Burns” offers an optimistic view on afterlife and redemption, showcasing a journey of second chances.

LIGHT BURNS really makes you wonder about who you are, the life you lead, and the afterlife that might await you. Russin expertly tackles these questions through his storylines and characters.”

— Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2024 / — Celebrated with the bronze award in Fantasy by the Reader Views Literary Awards, “Light Burns” by Robert Russin presents a hopeful take on the afterlife by giving humanity a second chance. This persuasive fantasy novel takes readers on a journey through the afterlife with protagonist Dawn Allegary. Struck by lightning, Dawn transitions from her mortal existence to an eternal life, facing the challenge of reconciling her past to seize happiness and love anew. Russin explores the concepts of choice, consequence, and the possibility of redemption beyond death. This thought-provoking drama invites readers to contemplate the essence of their lives and the afterlife awaiting them.

When asked about the personal and philosophical themes woven throughout “Light Burns,” especially in light of the profound loss of his mother, Russin shared this powerful reflection on faith and the human condition, “Faith is believing in the daylight no matter how strong the darkness.”

In addition to the accolades from the Reader Views Literary awards program, “Light Burns” has garnered widespread acclaim from reviewers across the board:

“The author’s style is natural and easy, but there is a philosophical thread that runs throughout it. The dialogue is engaging and realistic, which grounds the fantasy aspects nicely. I love how the author is able to blend the commonplace with the imaginative elements.” – Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views

“Great book! This book really made me think of not only the afterlife, but how I choose to live this life. Thought-provoking and an attention grabber all the way through. If you like James Patterson’s Maximum Ride, this book had a similar vibe for me. Would highly recommend”! – 5-Star Amazon Review

“Such a phenomenal read! Very intriguing and thought-provoking.” — 5-Star Amazon Review

“I found this to be a new take on what the afterlife will be like. Not your standard all is perfect. Definitely worth the read.” — 5-Star Amazon Review

“This is an amazing book! We bought several copies to share with our family & friends. The afterlife, do you die and that’s it? Does your spirit continue to go on? If we had a second chance in life would we take it & be a better person? I encourage you to always keep an open mind, heart, and share this book with others.” — 5-Star Amazon Review

“Light Burns by Robert Russin tells a story that blurs the lines between life and the afterlife. This wonderful book revolves around themes of existence, love, and redemption. I love how the book fused details about the afterlife with emotion. I also love the descriptions of the afterlife; descriptions of characters transforming into pulsating lights made the story feel more real. A look into Dawn’s emotional turmoil, especially her journey from confusion to acceptance, is beautifully depicted. The different characters used in the book and their individual struggles make the book have more substance.” — Chinenye Sus, Online Book Club Review

LIGHT BURNS (Olympia Publishing 2023, ISBN: 978-1804390566) is available at Amazon and online bookstores everywhere.


Robert Russin has always preferred the imaginary world of stories compared to the linear grind of accounting and auditing. Like all others, he has wondered what the afterlife is like. Light Burns is his interpretation of that life. He likes the expanse of the desert and the force of a summer thunderstorm. He is a member of the Ahwatukee Writers Group, whose guidance has been invaluable. Light Burns is an interpretation of the afterlife. He hopes his book will provide new thinking about this unknown world. Learn more at:

The Reader Views Literary Awards program helps level the playing field for self-published authors, allowing readers to recognize the most creative and exciting new books in the industry. The program is recognized industry wide as one of the most respected literary awards programs for independent authors. Top honors include cash prizes totaling $2,500. Learn more at

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