Pomegranate Earns Three Awards at La Femme Independent Film Festival (Paris, France)

Director Weam Namou working with actors Basim Alameen and Zain Shami

Producer Sam Sako with Actors Basim Alameen, Natally Boutros, and Amanda Kashat

Writer/Director Weam Namou with Editor Jamal Adams and Makeup Artist / Wardrobe Supervisor Lindy Lenk

La Femme Independent Film Festival awards Pomegranate 1) Best Feature Film in English 2) Best Original Feature Script 3) Outstanding Supporting Actress

We are all honored to receive these awards from La Femme. As creatives from a marginalized community, it is especially meaningful for us to be recognized and celebrated, to feel seen and heard.”

— Weam Namou

STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — We are excited to announce that Pomegranate, the groundbreaking Iraqi American narrative film, has been honored with three prestigious awards at the esteemed La Femme Independent Film Festival in Paris, France.

Pomegranate is the first-ever Iraqi American narrative film led by a creative team from the community it portrays. This includes a talented female writer/director and a remarkable female leading cast. The film began as a script, which was selected as a quarter finalist by Francis Coppola’s Zoetrope. It was later adapted into a novel and transformed into a captivating film.

The heartwarming story of Pomegranate revolves around the journey of a young Iraqi Muslim refugee as she strives for independence. After completing post-production in March 2023, the film has been making waves in the industry, earning recognition and accolades along the way. To date, Pomegranate has garnered six awards, including from the Luleå International Film Festival in Sweden, the New York International Women Festival, and, most now, the La Femme Independent Film Festival in Paris, France.

The La Femme Independent Film Festival is renowned for its dedication to supporting women in the field of cinema and showcasing films that explore stories, issues, or perspectives about women, or those created by women.

As Pomegranate continues to captivate audiences and earn acclaim, the film is currently being offered to select film festivals around the world. Its unique narrative, exceptional talent, and powerful storytelling are set to inspire and resonate with audiences globally.

Director/Writer Weam Namou worked together in association with Legendary Hollywood Executive Producer, Scott Rosenfelt, Hollywood veteran Sam Sako, and Buffalo 8 Productions (Santa Monica, CA) to produce the movie. Pomegranate, the novel, was released in February 2021 and it’s available in print, eBook, and audiobook. Also take a look at Trailer #2!

In addition to the prestigious three awards at La Femme Independent Film Festival, Pomegranate has also been recognized with the following awards / nominations / selections:

* New York International Women Festival – Winner of all Categories for Best Feature Film Directed by a Woman
* Luleå International Film Festival (Sweden) (Winner)
* Birsamunda International Film Awards (India)- Winner for Best Actress – Sam Rahmani
* Birsamunda International Film Awards (India) – Winner for Best Feature Film on Women
* Castle Film & Media Award (Rome, Italy) (Official Selection)
* Santa Barbara International Movie Awards (Nominee)
* San Diego International Film Awards (Semi-Finalist)
* San Jose Independent Film Festival (Semi-Finalist)
* St. Louis Film Awards (Semi-Finalist)
* Prague Underground Film Festival (Semi-Finalist)
* Vancouver Independent MovieMakers Award (Semi-Finalist)

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