Poet Curt G. Curtin Releases Provocative Poetry Collection: “In Our Name”

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In our Name – Book Cover

MASSACHUSETTS, USA, May 31, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Curt G. Curtin, a respected figure in contemporary poetry, unveils his latest work, “In Our Name,” a poignant and unflinching exploration of humanity’s capacity for violence and suffering. With a career spanning decades and accolades including two nominations for the prestigious Pushcart Prize, Curtin’s latest collection promises to provoke introspection and ignite conversations about the role of individuals in shaping global events.

“In Our Name” takes readers on a harrowing journey through history’s darkest moments, confronting them with stark examples of violence, suffering, and the relentless forces of nature. Through each poem, Curtin challenges readers to confront the uncomfortable reality of their complicity in the actions of their governments and societies, daring them to question the notion of a just and benevolent authority overseeing the chaos of human existence.

Drawing from his own experiences and meticulously researched historical events, Curtin’s poems resonate with a raw authenticity that refuses to shy away from life’s harshest truths. From ancient atrocities to contemporary conflicts, “In Our Name” serves as a haunting reminder that the echoes of past injustices reverberate through the present, demanding accountability and action.

A lifelong poet with a distinguished career, Curtin has published five full-length poetry collections and three chapbooks, along with numerous individual poems featured in anthologies and journals. His contributions to the literary world have earned him acclaim, including the Frank O’Hara Poetry Award from the Worcester County Poetry Association and grants from Worcester Arts Council and the Mass Cultural Council.

Reflecting on his motivations for crafting “In Our Name,” Curtin shares, “I brought these poems together to build on one another, bearing witness to acts of violence over time and across borders and oceans. My hope is that the collection will spark renewed outrage and calls for humanitarian actions.”

At its core, “In Our Name” implores readers to confront the uncomfortable truths of their own culpability and advocate for nonviolent resolutions to global conflicts. Through its raw emotion and unflinching honesty, Curt G. Curtin’s latest collection challenges readers to become agents of change in a world plagued by violence and injustice.

For more information about Curt G. Curtin and his works, please visit www.curtcurtinpoet.com.

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