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Picture Book: Nature in Full Color


FLORIDA, USA, April 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nature enthusiast and photographer, Mary Ellen Gallo, invites readers on a breathtaking journey through the vibrant pages of her latest creation, “Picture Book: Nature in Full Color.” This glossy masterpiece captures the essence of nature and wildlife through a stunning collection of photographs, providing a delightful experience for nature enthusiasts, young children, and those unable to explore the outdoors.

“Picture Book: Nature in Full Color” is an 8 ½ by 11-inch gem printed on soft glossy paper, showcasing the wonders of our natural world. From birds and insects to butterflies, flowers, the moon, and landscapes like sunrises and sunsets, Mary Gallo’s lens captures the beauty that surrounds us. With minimal text identifying some of the species, this book is perfect for all ages, making it an ideal gift for nature lovers, young children, and individuals living in care facilities.

Mary Ellen Gallo, an 80+ senior citizen and lifetime resident of Maryland, shares her passion for nature, photography, and retirement in this captivating collection. Retired from the Federal Government, Mary spends her time split between Maryland and Silver Springs, Florida, exploring the natural world with her camera. Her biography includes interesting details about her family, hobbies, and the inspirations behind her book.

“Picture Book: Nature in Full Color” is Mary’s heartfelt response to her love for nature, her concern about disappearing species, and her desire to bring joy to those in care facilities. The book is a collector’s item for nature lovers, a colorful introduction for young children, and a source of delight for those unable to venture outdoors.

Mary Gallo’s primary message to readers is simple yet profound: Care about the planet you live on. The book encourages everyone, young and old, to observe and appreciate the various species in their daily lives—birds, flowers, bees, trees, and more.

“I wrote this book because writing a book was on my bucket list of things to do. My love for nature and photography enabled me to combine my two passions into a book,” says Mary Gallo.

“Picture Book: Nature in Full Color” is available for purchase on AMAZON. For media inquiries, interviews, or book reviews, please contact [email protected].

Accompanying the publication is a Cinematic Book Video trailer offering a sneak peek into the captivating photographs found in “Picture Book: Nature in Full Color.” Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sR_Fcx8gEn8

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