New Book Takes a Lighter Look at the “Joys” of Retirement

Struggling with the nuances of retirement

George Dean, Author


This book is a must-read for anyone who plans on retiring someday. It speaks of Dean’s pitfalls and how others can learn from his mistakes. ”

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UNITED STATES, January 29, 2024 / — “I’ve come to find that life is full of surprises, and rarely for the better.”

Those are the whimsical words of George M. Dean, author of SO, IS RETIREMENT SUPPOSED TO SUCK, who turns the travails of his life into a stream of anecdotes, first detailing his childhood and later years and leading right up to his experience as a retiree. The book’s subtitle, “A Compilation of Life’s Little Disappointments,” says it all.

The first half of the book takes us through Dean’s upbringing, Spring Break, summer jobs, graduations, nights in jail, therapy sessions, roommates, apartments, relationships, and more. Eventually, George is forced to retire after 38 years as a table-games dealer, not by choice but for health reasons – he is a lung transplant recipient.

And it doesn’t make the author a happy camper. He attacks everything from medical receptionists keeping him on excessive “hold” to getting passwords rejected for not meeting the rules criteria to getting kicked from behind by a young boy on a plane flight to being inundated by supplier surveys.

But Dean can revert to the comical: “My desire for marriage has to do with my loathing for laundry….It’s a tedious chore that I would wish on somebody else!”

And if your company supplies transportation, cable TV services, computers, toilet paper, insurance, medical billing or any of a host of other products – steer clear of the wrath of George Dean. Even birthday celebrations don’t get off easy.

This book is a must-read for anyone who plans on retiring someday. It speaks of Dean’s pitfalls and how others can learn from his mistakes.

SO, IS RETIREMENT SUPPOSED TO SUCK? is available on Amazon and other popular retail outlets where books are sold.

Is there any contentment at the end of the rainbow? Read this revealing book and be your own judge.

About the Author

George M. Dean is best described as a misanthropic, disenchanted individual who is at war–mostly with himself. George vents through his writings, which resulted in this book. Think Larry David, but even more disgruntled. Now that he’s retired, he has plenty of time, and new things to yammer on about. George prefers to cast blame for his failures onto his parents, citing his abhorrent upbringing. Nowadays, since his parents have sadly left us, he is happily married to a lovely shrew, who has taken over where his parents left off. Call it masochism, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

George Dean
George Dean, Author
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