My Serendipitous Life by Howard E. Fischer

Four publications that changed his life

• Five events that nearly ended his life
• One near-death experience that could have changed his life
• One event that could have precluded all of the above

Quite a serendipitous journey over the past 80 plus years – your Civility Rules were so much YOU ! Integrity seemed to play a very important part in your life and continues to this day.”

— Fred B.

NEW YORK, NY, US, April 24, 2024 / — New Book – My SERENDIPITOUS Life by Howard E. Fischer

A Revealing Autobiography

Four publications that significantly changed his life

• Four segments of his life featuring the number eight (graphically confirmed)

• Five events that nearly ended his life

• One near-death experience that could have severely changed his life

• One event that could have disallowed (precluded, prohibited, blocked) almost all of the above

• First Near Death Experience – 1941

• Second Near Death Experience – 1942

• Third Near Death Experience – 1948

• Fourth Near Death Experience – 1950

• Fifth Near Death Experience – 2017

• …plus his near “living death” experience – 2002

Howard E. Fischer – high school and college athlete, lawyer specializing in entertainment and nonprofit law, jazz music concert producer, jazz museum founder and executive director, author of four books plus booklets, newsletters and articles in major publications, founder, publisher and editor of art and antiques newspaper for eight years with no employees, producer of two feature films, producer of 25 music slideshows, producer of seminars on nonprofit laws and operations, radio program producer, records flea markets producer, music artists’ manager, dealer and collector of music memorabilia (mainly jazz records, books, films etc.), mentor to high school students, kidney donor, donor of archival materials and memorabilia to Library of Congress, contributor of music materials (documents, memorabilia) to Harvard and Yale Universities libraries, television appearances, articles and items in numerous publications about him and his activities

Back Cover – Highlights

What is meant by SERENDIPITY and how it relates to his life

How four publications totally changed his life

How the number “eight” encompassed (formed, ordered, organized) his life

How his educational background was instrumental in moving his life in an unlikely direction

How interests developed in childhood helped shape his life

How a number of unforeseen events could have interrupted or ended his growth.

How a number of situations that developed in his life will be preserved forever

How his early life may have predicted his future

How an early death of an associate may have contributed to one of his careers

How this serendipitous event earned him $10,000

How he saved the life of his best friend.

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