Kristina Saelee Joins with SuccessBooks® and Lisa Nichols to Co-Author the Inspirational Book, “Against All Odds”

Kristina Saelee

DES MOINES, WA, USA, March 20, 2024 / — Kristina Saelee embarks on an inspiring journey with SuccessBooks® to co-author the highly anticipated book, “Against All Odds,” alongside renowned author Lisa Nichols and a distinguished group of contributors.

Scheduled for release in the Summer of 2024, “Against All Odds” promises to be a guiding light, sharing stories of courage and resilience that will uplift and empower readers worldwide.

Kristina Saelee, the visionary behind emPOWERed Parenting, is dedicated to empowering parents of teenagers grappling with depression. Her renowned program equips parents with essential tools to effectively connect, support, and advocate for their struggling teens during challenging times.

With a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree, Kristina brings a solid foundation in social work principles to her holistic and compassionate approach to helping families navigate mental health struggles. Seamlessly combining her roles as a writer, speaker, parent coach, and family and youth therapist, Kristina provides comprehensive support to parents seeking guidance in handling their teens’ mental health issues.

Kristina’s expertise shines through in her personalized coaching sessions, where she offers tailored strategies and emotional support to parents navigating their teen’s depression. Her deep understanding of adolescent psychology and family dynamics creates a safe space for parents to express concerns, fears, and hopes for their children’s well-being.

As a writer, Kristina shares insights and guidance through thought-provoking articles, blog posts, and educational resources, reaching a wider audience beyond her coaching practice. Engaging speaking engagements at workshops, conferences, and community events inspire countless parents to approach teen depression with empathy, patience, and resilience.

In her role as a family and youth therapist, Kristina leverages evidence-based therapeutic techniques and compassionate counseling to guide families toward healing and growth. Empowering parents to strengthen relationships with their teens, foster open communication, and build supportive environments promotes positive mental health outcomes.

Through emPOWERed Parenting, Kristina offers a transformative program that goes beyond traditional parenting advice, providing practical strategies and emotional support tailored to families dealing with teen depression. With Kristina’s guidance, parents navigate complexities, support their teens on their journey to mental wellness, and foster stronger connections for brighter futures.

Kristina, a mother to five children aged 15-27, is also a foster parent and hosts foreign exchange students. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and curling up with a good book.
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SuccessBooks® extends a warm welcome to Kristina as a co-author of “Against All Odds”. Anticipate the release of this transformative book, poised to captivate and empower audiences with the collective wisdom of Kristina Saelee, Lisa Nichols, and their exceptional co-authors.

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