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JAMESTOWN, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2024 / — 2016, 3 days after Christmas — With a successful corporate medical career and 8 months pregnant (expecting her 3rd), Kimberley Ward of Life By Design Solutions got word that her mother had just taken her own life (her sister had already taken her life). That’s when Kimberley looked at her husband, “Time is truly our most precious commodity.” She knew she could no longer return to the corporate world to make money only to turn it over to another person who was raising her children. “That’s when I knew I had to be an entrepreneur.”

Personal tragedies are blessings even when we don’t know it at the time.

While money makes the world go round, and we all have bills to pay, we can never recover time lost. “However, when we prioritize, we can make an unlimited amount of money. I found a passion for digital marketing that I didn’t know existed.”

With a certificate in Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) Kimberley helps entrepreneurs to get unstuck by helping them recognize and adjust negative belief systems. “The biggest challenge I see, and it all goes back to this, is people pleasing,” shares Kimberley. “I now have a zero tolerance policy for business leaders and entrepreneurs who make decisions based on what others think. Once you break those chains, you really can create your life by design.”

Kimberley teaches her clients far more than digital marketing. She shows them how to bravely and proudly put forth their authentic selves without fear of what others might think.

Kimberley also teaches clients how to compartmentalize. “When I need quiet time, need space, I take it. After burning out several times and hearing myself ask, ‘When will this end?’ the answer came to me. ‘When you end it.’”

Along with authenticity, success requires integrity. “This means we do the things we say we’re going to do, even when no one is watching,” shares Kimberley. “Integrity is my biggest core value.”

Working with individuals and small businesses, Kimberley always asks, What makes you happy? “I don’t think people even know the last time they asked themselves this question,” explains Kimberley. “Answers typically come after some thought, and answers are always fascinating.”

“We always start with that dream of happiness as our goal and reverse-engineer from there,” shares Kimberley. “Not just a digital marketing strategy, Life By Design Solutions teaches how to overcome fear of being on video.”

Fear dissolves when we allow our authentic self to appear on video. Kimberley explains, “From the moment we enter our mother’s womb, we are a perfect puzzle piece. When we’re being authentic, that puzzle piece fits into the world perfectly. When we are inauthentic, our piece doesn’t fit and we are literally robbing others from a possible transformation.”

Kimberley works with clients to create a 12-month vision plan in the present tense. Answering questions such as, Where will you be in 12 months? Who are you spending your time with? How do you make your money? How much do you weigh? helps define our dreams while creating a road map to manifestation. “Although this is the hardest work I’ve ever done, it is also the most rewarding. My daughter will never see the inside of a daycare,” shares Kimberley.

Kimberley’s ideal clients are hunger-driven entrepreneurs and small businesses (5 employees or fewer) who know they are capable of more, maybe have had some success, but just don’t know how to put the final pieces together.

When a road map is in place, Kimberley begins teaching how to successfully and authentically market using digital technology. “I show clients how to grow a bigger, more authentic audience by using social media to create a virtual spiderweb,” explains Kimberley.

The big challenge is that being authentic on social media can have negative results. “Let’s face it, free speech just doesn’t exist anymore—this is the source of everyone’s fear. Social media is a fine line,” explains Kimberley. “It sucks, but we are being censored and monitored. When you bring your presence to social media, you must keep your posts strictly business. This is the world we live in right now and we have to play the games that are being put upon us.”

Kimberley also has some digital marketing tips up her sleeve. “I’m working with a Fortune 500 company that is working hard to compete with Google,” shares Kimberley. “I’m honored to have been tapped as a micro-influencer for this exciting platform that is changing the way entrepreneurs and small businesses are succeeding online.”

Author of three books, Kimberley is excited for the release of Life By Design: How to Create Leverage, Lifestyle and Legacy on April 19. This 3rd book builds on her previous two, Life By Design: How to Create that Business You’ve Always Wanted and Life By Design: How to Create Balance. All are available on Amazon. Kimberley also maintains an active blog for entrepreneurs and small businesses on her website.

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