Intellect Publishing CEO John Woods Advocates for Fair Compensation for Audiobook Authors

Intellect Publishing supports authors who face challenges in earning fair compensation for their audiobooks, particularly within the Amazon ecosystem.

FAIRHOPE, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2024 / — Intellect Publishing, a publishing company in Alabama under the guidance of CEO John Woods, has taken a stand in support of audiobook authors facing challenges in earning fair compensation for their creative endeavors, particularly within the Amazon ecosystem.

Recent data collected by independent sources, including, indicates a growing disparity in the compensation received by authors producing audiobooks on Amazon’s platform. Analysis reveals a pattern where authors are encountering obstacles in realizing adequate financial returns for their contributions.

Woods, drawing upon his extensive experience in the publishing industry and as the CEO of Intellect Publishing, is spearheading efforts to address these concerns. With a commitment to empowering authors and protecting their interests, Woods aims to foster an environment where authors can thrive financially from their literary works.

“Intellect Publishing stands firmly behind the principle of fair compensation for authors,” Woods says. “Our mission is to ensure that authors are adequately rewarded for their creative efforts and that their voices are respected within the publishing ecosystem.”

The campaign led by Intellect Publishing under Woods’ leadership seeks to raise awareness of the challenges faced by audiobook authors on Amazon’s platform. By leveraging data-driven insights and advocating for transparent and equitable practices, Woods endeavors to drive positive change within the industry.

Key concerns highlighted by Intellect Publishing include the impact of Amazon’s pricing strategies, such as offering audiobooks at reduced rates or for free through promotional trials, which may undermine the economic viability of individual sales for authors. Through collaborative efforts with industry stakeholders and engagement with the wider community, Intellect Publishing aims to establish a dialogue aimed at addressing these issues and implementing sustainable solutions that prioritize the interests of authors.

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