Inks and Bindings to Feature a Selection of Engaging Titles at the Nation’s Largest Literary Event

My Large Wild Animal Book

I Fell in Love With East Harlem

Teddy Bears in the Morning

Anaxiunara: One Brief Eternity

How to Master Reading in 7 Easy Steps

Diverse literary journeys and a spectrum of reading experiences to be celebrated at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2024.

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 18, 2024 / — The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, the pinnacle of literary events in the nation, is set to captivate attendees once again at the University of Southern California campus on April 20-21, 2024. This gathering, known for its vibrant exploration of literary arts, draws an eclectic audience, eager to discover new books and engage with authors. Among the exhibitors, Inks and Bindings stands out at booth number 182 in the Gold Zone, showcasing a curated selection of titles that span multiple genres and themes.

The exhibition kicks off with children’s literature, where “My Large Wild Animal Book” by Lori Schweigert opens a vibrant window into the world of North America’s large wild animals. Designed to captivate and educate, this book provides young readers with a comprehensive look at the diverse wildlife inhabiting this vast continent.

“My Large Wild Animal Book” presents an array of large wild animals through vivid pictures showcasing adult males, females, and their offspring. Each page is an educational journey, offering not just the names of the animals but also insightful details about their habitats, diets, and lives in the wild.

Author Lori Schweigert’s passion for the outdoors and education shines through this work. Aside from her years of experience in nurturing a love for nature among children, Schweigert was inspired to create this book after realizing the lack of children’s resources covering North American wildlife. Her encounter with Dr. Valerius Geist of Vancouver, Canada, at an annual Hunter’s Educators conference sparked the idea. The book aims to grow with children, starting from an early age where the focus is on pictures, and evolving into deeper knowledge as they learn to read and understand more about the subjects.

Moving through the genres, the focus shifts to a historical narrative with “I Fell in Love With East Harlem” by Ofir Sanchez. The book encapsulates the rich history and cultural evolution of one of New York City’s most dynamic neighborhoods. Drawing on her extensive background in the humanities and her personal experiences as a New Yorker, Sanchez presents a narrative that celebrates the contributions of immigrants and migrants to East Harlem.

The book spans from the early 1900s, detailing the arrival of the first migrants and immigrants who shaped the community, to the ongoing legacies of these early settlers in modern times. Sanchez intertwines historical events with cultural insights, illustrating how East Harlem evolved from a rural outpost to a bustling urban neighborhood known for its rich cultural diversity.

Notable residents of East Harlem, such as former NBA player Walter Berry, Grammy-winning musician Marc Anthony, and actors like Al Pacino and Erik Estrada, are highlighted to emphasize the area’s influence on arts and entertainment. The book also pays homage to medical pioneer Dr. Jonas Salk, underscoring the neighborhood’s contributions to global advancements.

Transitioning from historical explorations, author Jeanne Hoogstad unveils “Teddy Bears in the Morning”, a heartwarming tale that explores themes of family and love through the adventures of a group of little bears. This storybook, suitable for children in early grades, seamlessly blends poetic narrative with educational elements, making it an ideal read for young learners.

“Teddy Bears in the Morning” follows the journey of the New Edition bear family as they search throughout their home for their mother. The suspense of their search culminates in a delightful discovery: their mother is in the kitchen, preparing a hearty breakfast as an expression of her love. The narrative, crafted as a poem, is complemented by illustrations that vividly depict each scene, aiding in vocabulary development and reading comprehension for children.

Jeanne Hoogstad has carefully chosen language from the Los Angeles County Unified School District’s pre-primers, primers, and first-grade readers to ensure that the book is both accessible and educational. The alignment of the text with educational standards makes this book not only a captivating story but also a useful tool for language development.

Diving into the realms of fantasy, “Anaxiunara: One Brief Eternity” by David DeRosa transports readers into a world where love, adventure, and mysticism collide. Through the lens of Jo Lee’s quest for justice and redemption, DeRosa explores the transformative power of love amidst a backdrop of pirates and enchantment.

In this epic fantasy, Jo Lee, accompanied by his children, embarks on a perilous journey after the tragic loss of his wife. Along the way, they encounter a mysterious nanny whose magical abilities hint at a deeper connection to the forces at play. As they navigate through treacherous waters and face daunting challenges, they discover that the greatest strength lies within the bonds of love and companionship.

Born in 1959, David DeRosa draws upon his journey of overcoming challenges, infusing his profound love for music, poetry, and expansive storytelling into his novels, crafting narratives rich with emotion and depth. Overcoming his struggles with dyslexia, DeRosa champions the joy of reading at one’s own pace, exploring worlds that ignite the imagination.

Completing the showcase is Carol D’Amico’s “How to Master Reading in 7 Easy Steps: + Bonus… Ace Basics of Beginning-advanced Spelling, Grammar, Math”, which targets the foundational skills gap in the American education system. A reading specialist with over twenty years of experience, D’Amico has designed a method that simplifies phonics for learners of all ages, integrating it with essential writing and math skills.

The book promotes a systematic, gradeless, and self-paced learning process that contrasts sharply with slower, more fragmented teaching methods prevalent today. It aims to address the decline in educational standards, evidenced by the United States falling to 25th in global reading rankings and 30th in math.

D’Amico’s seven-step method not only accelerates learning but also enhances comprehension and retention by embedding concepts within engaging narratives. This approach is tailored for a wide audience, from young children who can reach advanced reading levels by age 10, to adults needing remedial education. The book is positioned as a critical resource in reversing the national trend towards lower proficiency in basic educational skills.

Inks and Bindings’ diverse offerings at the 2024 leg of the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books illustrate the profound impact that reading across varied genres and subjects can have on expanding horizons and deepening understanding. Each title promises to enrich, educate, and entertain, reflecting the festival’s mission to foster a love for books and reading.

For more details, visit LATFOB’s official website and stay tuned to Inks and Bindings’ website and social media accounts. This annual event is a cornerstone for literary enthusiasts and a celebration of the diverse ways in which books enrich people’s lives.

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