Bumbino The Italian Bumble Bee

Katie and The Troll Queen

Sally the Crab

Buster Brown’s Neighborhood

Buster Brown’s World

Indulge in a delightful retreat from reality with these five books, prominently showcased on The Maple Staple Spotlight Shelf.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 17, 2024 / — Kick off the literary exploration with “Bumbino The Italian Bumble Bee”, a delightful 46-page children’s book by Art Manno. This buzzworthy adventure follows Bumbino, the lovable Italian Bumble Bee, as he explores the picturesque Abruzzi forest in Italy. Through vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling, readers witness Bumbino’s charming antics while navigating the challenges of making new friends and learning simple Italian words. The story imparts a valuable lesson about embracing differences and the power of perseverance. Additionally, the book includes “How To Bee Attitudes,” a daily living guide filled with positive and empowering messages, providing young readers with a foundation for building character and resilience.

Written by the creative mind of Randi McKinnon, this second feature book allows readers to explore the magic of music and family. “Katie and The Troll Queen” is a whimsical story that takes readers on a magical journey where music, courage, and family ties intertwine in a delightful narrative that captures the hearts of both children and adults. In the heart of a lush forest, young Katie embarks on a seemingly ordinary mission to pick berries. However, her adventure takes an unexpected turn when she encounters the legendary Troll Queen, a character her grandmother had warned her about. The forest transforms into a stage for a whimsical singing contest, complete with a mischievous troll boy as the scorekeeper.

Next on the list, providing solace to readers, is “Sally the Crab”. Join Sally, the hermit crab with a splendid shell, in an endearing adventure that celebrates friendship and resilience. Follow Sally as her world is shaken when her best friend, Molly, bids farewell. Adding to the upheaval, Sally soon outgrows her cherished shell, prompting a quest for a new home. Little does she know, the search for a perfect dwelling is no easy feat for a crab. Despite the obstacles, Sally remains true to herself, radiating kindness to the various creatures she encounters. Beyond its entertainment value, Laurel Dragon penned the book as an educational gem, introducing children to the wonders of sea life. This 50-page book also served as a must-read for school-aged children, offering a poignant exploration of life’s changes and the enduring strength of friendship. The lively illustrations bring Sally’s underwater world to life, captivating young readers with each turn of the page.

On the fourth spot is “Buster Brown’s Neighborhood”. From heart-pounding encounters to moments of pure joy and mischievous escapades, join Buster, an orange tabby cat, and his friends Mister and Missus on a fun adventure. In this delightful narrative, Buster’s journey begins when he is rescued from the hustle and bustle of city life by the kind-hearted friend of Mister and Missus. Nestled in their cozy old house in a smaller city, the trio’s home becomes a haven for an eclectic mix of wild critters, turning every day into a new adventure. Karen Boxell invites readers to join the trio as they navigate the challenges and joys of living harmoniously with nature.

Wrapping up the lists of featured books is a tale set against the idyllic backdrop of a quaint New England city. Join Buster, along with his companions Mister and Missus, as they embark on a series of enchanting escapades that unravel the magic inherent in everyday life in “Buster Brown’s World”. In this second series of stories, Buster takes on the role of the narrator, skillfully weaving together the adventures and happenings in the lives of the diverse creatures that inhabit his world, from furry friends to feathered allies. Readers are beckoned into the vibrant tapestry of life in Buster’s neighborhood, where Karen Boxell extends a warm welcome to accompany the trio as they gracefully navigate the challenges and joys of harmonious living with nature.

Venture into a realm of diverse narratives that skillfully depict a world beyond the ordinary. These five books are up for grabs on Amazon and other leading online bookstores, proudly showcased at The Maple Staple Digital Bookstore. Don’t let this chance slip away—secure a copy today!

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