Expert in Geriatric Care Releases Groundbreaking Book as a Lifeline for Children of Aging Parents

The definitive guide to providing effective, loving care for your aging parent

The Silver Tsunami Will Thrust Millions of Adults Into the Role of Caregiver, Barbara Applegate’s Groundbreaking Book Offers Practical Solutions

Confusion and helplessness arise when adult children suddenly have to navigate the healthcare needs of their aging parents. This book will empower you to make informed, compassionate decisions.”

— Barbara Applegate

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, May 7, 2024 / — Every year, approximately two out of every five Americans are thrust into the role of temporary or permanent Caregiver…70% of Are Completely Unprepared! This is according to data reported by the National Library of Mediccine and surveys done by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY.

With the advance of the Silver Tsunami (the massive expansion to the number of people living in first-world nations over the age of 80), the number of adults who become “accidental” caregivers is growing at an alarming rate. Currently, about 100 million Americans serve as caregivers, tending to the needs of a parent or another family member. Understanding the aging parent’s needs is the first step to providing compassionate care.

There has never been a more crucial time for the public to have access to a comprehensive guide through this complex process. “A Compassionate Journey: The Definitive Guide to Providing Effective, Loving Care for Your Aging Parent,” by Barbara Applegate, is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

The author holds a Master of Social Work and a post-master’s certification in Gerontologyand draws on four decades of experience as a caregiver and consultant to families. Applegate’s newly published guide is an essential resource for those facing the challenges of elderly care.

This book is a comprehensive manual for those who find themselves in the role of caregiver. It gives actionable advice and practical tools to assess and enhance the quality of life for aging loved ones. The author’s extensive background as a Geriatric Care Manager and her positions on boards such as the National Council on Aging, bring deep insights, profound empathy, and an understanding of the emotional complexities of this journey.

The book is being called a beacon of light in one of life’s most complex passages, making both the caregiver and the recipient feel understood and less alone.

Dr. Shawn A. Weiss 25 year Healthcare Executive says, “WOW! I am thoroughly impressed with the content organization and the topics. It truly is a full compilation of A-Z Care. I particularly loved the end-of-chapter Action Lists and ease of use for the consumer. I know that every one of my patients and their families would benefit from and find value in this book! Everything in it IS my life as a home health agency owner and therapist! Literally every single thing! I am extremely impressed with the layout. Very easy to follow!” – Dr. Shawn A. Weiss, B.S. Educ., PT, DPT

The Book guides readers through crucial steps, such as recognizing signs of cognitive decline, managing legal and financial concerns, and addressing the emotional and spiritual well-being of both the caregiver and the aging parent.

Contents of the book include:

• Detailed questionnaires to assess the evolving needs of an aging parent or loved one.
• Assessments to evaluate physical, cognitive, and emotional needs
• Additional Questionnaires to help caregivers understand their own strengths, limitations, and create a support system
• Guidance on creating effective care plans that respect the dignity and autonomy of loved ones.
• Strategies for coping with grief and loss and preventing elder abuse.
• Insights into managing one’s emotional health while providing care.
• Checklists and action plans that will help to organize parent’s finances, medical care, living arrangements, and more
• Strategies for self-care and managing caregiver stress and burnout
• Guidance on difficult conversations, legal considerations, and end-of-life planning
• External resources that can provide additional support and health-related information

Barbara Applegate, MSW, ACSW has a career history of improving elder care through her work with A.G.E. Consultants, Inc., and various national aging organizations.

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