Edward Hammett of Transforming Solutions and Protégé James “Randy” Pierce to be Featured on Close Up Radio

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — You can’t exactly say that someone originated the idea of coaching, but it is easy to point out the forerunners in the field. Edward Hammett — a noted author, minister and empowering coach is certainly one of them. Another renowned name is Marshall Goldsmith — who just endorsed the latest of Hammett’s nine books, Making Shifts In Waves of Change: A Coach Approach to Soulful Leadership — is another one.

Three of the books in Ed Hammett’s line-up were co-written by James R. Pierce, popularly known as Randy. Randy is living testimony to Ed’s prowess as a coach and has spent thirty odd years as his client and protégé. Their relationship is symbiotic—each learning and growing from the other, and they now take turns being mentor and mentee.

Edward, or as he likes to be called Ed, Hammett is the President of Transforming Solutions, and is also a Master Certified Coach (by the ICF, International Coach Federation.) Together with Randy, they have become extremely popular writers, speakers, and workshop leaders, as well as practitioners of The Coach Approach on a one-to-one basis. Their coaching principles also have an impact on leadership and the workplace, and the revived title Reaching People Under 40 (now 30) While Keeping People Over 60 is a great example of that coaching style and how to build a better culture for all generations. Ed also recently entered into a partnership with Divorce Plus (Divorceplus.com) as a coach who can help guide people through the emotional turmoil of a divorce with greater clarity, peace, and purpose.

Early in his career, Ed was in the church-based ministry, and he acknowledges there are certain concepts and skills that readily cross over–for instance being able to surrender and empathetic listening. Randy says their overall approach to a more successful life is to learn to slow down and listen more often than talk.

Randy notes how important this was early in their relationship, when he was learning from his coach. Randy had deep emotional scars from losing his mother at a tender age, and Ed helped him to understand and even dispense with those feelings.

‘I’m a perfect example of someone who would not be anywhere without his coaching,” Randy says.

Randy also notes that one part of the approach very meaningful to him, was realizing you have permission to push a door that is cracked, so you can open it further and then walk through. Cracked and open doors are a recurring theme in their discussions.

Both coaching partners admit they find sheer joy in helping others and watching them have their a-ha moment. When people become more open and allow themselves to be vulnerable. When they have enough self-awareness to desire real change. And when it comes to the workplace, seeing people put a talent like emotional intelligence to use.

These are all occurrences that make the baby kick (a phrase for that feeling of excitement borrowed from a Biblical text.)

Ed and Randy will soon be talking on the radio, but they are available to talk on zoom and over the phone, where listening really counts. They can then begin to conceive plans and co-create the future for clients, just as they once did for one another.

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