Dr. Jacqueline Danielle Lee of Fresh Insight Worldwide to be Featured on Close Up Radio

NORTH CANTON, OHIO, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a continuation of Jacqueline Danielle Lee’s four-part radio series, she will address a variety of topics. Her third show, which focuses on the Vine-Branch Relationship, as noted in John 15:1-8, emphasizes that a life of fruitfulness is birthed out of an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ; it is not birthed out of being a good person. For Jacqueline’s fourth and final show, she gets into forgiveness, forgiveness into freedom as a gift from the Lord, and then forgiving others as well as yourself. Overall, she will share how life can be lived abundantly here-and-now, and throughout eternity.

“2024. What does it hold?” asks Jacqueline Danielle Lee of Fresh Insight Worldwide. “Purity? It can! Freedom from shame, freedom from guilt, freedom from tantalizing thoughts, innocence, blamelessness, and being unadulterated such as to be purified by fire. Living the true and real you. 2024, what does it hold? A new beginning? It can! A new design, a new vision, a new spirit, a renewed hope, a fresh love, the new you.”

“Imagine lying down,” adds Jacqueline. “Lying down with all you wish you could change, all your mistakes of the past, all the heartache, all the failure, the dreams once held dear, though now thought to be only fantasies. As you lie down, you get a sense, though, that it doesn’t have to remain this way. That despite the former decades, the former months, the former days of 2024, new seeds can be planted, today, for a new harvest, this year! Life can be better. A flicker of hope dawns that a new beginning could greet you when you wake up; that despite whatever ways of life may have veered from ideal, whatever actions or thoughts may have been reckoned as too egregious and thought to be without redemption, or despite forsaken dreams, life can be better! Is this possible? Is this true?”

“During a time where we hear of wars and rumors of wars, where we experience worldwide pestilence like that of 2020, or famines, earthquakes, and floods, where lawbreaking abounds, and political uneasiness, racial unrest, betrayals, and killings somehow start to become kin to normalcy, we must have ears to the hear the Good News,” declares Jacqueline. “It’s the Good News that can redeem your time. It’s the Good News that can redeem your life. It’s the Good News that can take upheaval – of whatever degree – and show forth all things new: you, and an erasure of a past into a fulfilling future.”

“So, what is this Good News?” asks Jacqueline. “It is the Lord, strong and mighty, and willing to give you His goodness in place of your past or lack or normal living. As we lift up our heads, looking to Him, calling on Him, the Lord comes in with healing in His wings, and prosperity in His arms. Prosperity weightier than simply the notion of money, but of soundness and peace – where there is nothing missing, nothing broken, and nothing lacking in your life: spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, socially. The Lord perfecting all things that concern you. The Lord of salvation – of deliverance, of the rescue – is the One who has brought about your Anchor. Your Anchor to hoist you into this victory. Victory whereby you live in an oasis, a refuge, a sanctuary, despite the turmoil going on in the world today. And, it’s not only for you, but available for all people.”

“So how do we come by it?” adds Jacqueline. “How do we latch onto the Anchor? It is by a calling and a drawing. A calling unto the Lord of our salvation, and then a drawing unto Him, each day, living in close relationship and fellowship with Him. When we call, He will answer – He always does.”

Our featured guest, Dr. Jacqueline Danielle Lee, will explain what it looks like to call on the name of the Lord, to draw unto Him, and to live in close relationship and fellowship with Him, your victory, daily. To seek the Lord, His face, is the best gift you could ever receive. Dr. Jacqueline Danielle Lee is the founder of Fresh Insight Worldwide, a ministry where she shares the Good News of Jesus Christ to all people. Through speaking engagements, webinar series, onsite wellbeing events, and books, “I teach Biblical Truth with application to individuals’ lives and what they are going through in this day and age. This changes lives,” Jacqueline states. “My greatest joy and treasure is doing life with the Lord, day-by-day, and seeing His hand at work in my life as I trust Him. I know that His love is for people, for everyone to come to know Him, tasting and seeing that He is Good!”

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