Dr. Heidi Gregory-Mina Reaches Amazon Best-Seller Status with “Rise Up!,” Co-Authored with Lisa Nichols

Best Selling Author-Dr. Heidi Gregory-Mina

CARVER, MA, USA, May 31, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — SuccessBooks® is excited to announce that Rise Up!, co-authored by Dr. Heidi Gregory-Mina, renowned motivational speaker Lisa Nichols, and other leading professionals worldwide, has achieved an extraordinary milestone by reaching Amazon Best-Seller status. Launched on May 23, 2024, Rise Up! has quickly captivated readers with its powerful collection of life-changing stories about overcoming extraordinary hardships and starting anew.

Since its launch, Rise Up! has climbed the Amazon best-sellers charts, securing notable rankings, including impressive placements in the Entrepreneurship and Motivational Leadership categories. Additionally, it has made its mark on the Motivation & Self Improvement and Personal Finance bestseller lists and ranked on nine New Release lists!

At the heart of this achievement is Dr. Heidi’s captivating chapter, “Game, Set, Balance”, which played an essential role in the book’s remarkable success.

Meet Dr. Heidi Gregory-Mina:

Dr. Heidi Gregory-Mina’s journey from a once-shy 5-year-old, struggling to utter a single line in a play, to a captivating speaker on diverse stages is nothing short of remarkable. Her true passion lies in sharing knowledge and witnessing those transformative ‘Aha’ moments that spark profound understanding. Early in her professional path, she recognized the pivotal role of mentorship in leadership, a lesson that would guide her throughout her career. With extensive management experience, she has gained recognition for her exceptional ability to foster employee engagement.

Dr. Heidi boasts an impressive portfolio, with numerous publications featured in peer-reviewed journals and esteemed publications. She is also a best-selling author and has made appearances on FOX, NBC, CBS, and NBC. Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Heidi is a dedicated mother, loving wife, cherished daughter, and supportive sister. In her leisure time, she finds joy in the world of dog sports.

To tap into Dr. Heidi’s wealth of knowledge and experience, or to delve deeper into her transformative journey and ongoing impact, connect with her today or visit her website at www.drheidigregorymina.com.

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