Dr. Gozde Yucel of Kismet Consulting to be Featured on Close Up Radio

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Gozde Yucel, PhD is helping biotech and technology industries succeed by teaching them about emotional literacy. An American scientist born in Turkey, she brings extensive academic experience, corporate biotech, and personal lessons to the table.

Dr. Yucel holds a PhD from New York University and a master’s degree from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. Gozde also participated in the Stanford Ignite Fellowship program at Stanford Graduate School of Business while she was doing her postdoctoral research at Stanford University working on stem cells in the skin.

In her previous life as a research scientist, Dr. Yucel helped cure AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). “I had the distinct pleasure of working on this therapy for five years and eight months. Our team considered an array of therapies and found the most success with immune cells, which are how our bodies naturally fight disease. By tweaking immune cells, we were able to get them to only target AML cells, which is exciting.” This therapy will begin human trials in 2024. Dr. Yucel is hopeful to get news soon. “If these trials are successful, they will bring in more funding.”

Funding isn’t the only challenge in biotech. “In scientific academia, every solution involves teamwork but only one person is allowed to receive recognition, or an ‘author’ status. This system causes a great deal of conflict, hesitation, and miscommunication—people push each other trying to reach that ‘author’ goal. With this system, no collaboration happens. With no collaboration, why are we pursuing science?”

Dr. Yucel knows that academic institutions are bound to fail under this system, and in her experience, some universities are better at collaboration and mentorship than others.

When she first entered the private sector, she was 41 years old. “We were losing a lot of talent because of unaddressed conflict. As a woman scientist working in the lab, everyone knew me (especially younger employees). It all began as sort of a hobby as they began coming to me with their problems and issues. I would sit with them and talk about their conflict.”

One day, while speaking to a new Head of People, Dee Dragon, Dr. Yucel mentioned “We’re losing talent over simple miscommunications. I have ideas and can help.” She urged me to get a certification in Mediation and Conflict Coaching. I took her assignment, ran with it, and have been doing this role for four years along with my scientist role.”

Dr. Yucel offers three basic services. Conflict Coaching helps researchers and employees come up with successful communication tools, along with learning the importance of walking in the other person’s shoes. Mediation helps two researchers in direct conflict. In that capacity, Dr. Yucel acts as a neutral party. Team Workshops are wonderful for when teams are struggling and don’t want to call out one person. Games promoting trust and highlight the importance of sharing emotions offer an avenue for team members to speak to the conflict. Together, the team works to identify solutions.

She is also the author of an upcoming memoir, “Kismet,” which shares Dr. Yucel’s personal challenges growing up in Turkey, going through divorce, raising 3 biracial children (currently ages 7, 10, and 12), mental health challenges, and her career transition from scientist to Conflict Coaching and helping other scientists and researchers succeed. “I am proud to have left stresses and conflict of scientific authorship behind to become the author of my life.”

“Kismet” is scheduled to be released on March 19, 2024, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as a hardcover, paperback, e-book, and audiobook.

“Most of us believe that all scientists are logical and unemotional. As a child, I didn’t understand emotions. When one of my sons began having emotional issues at school and home, I began to focus on helping him sit with his emotions to understand them. I couldn’t tell him to toughen up (which is what men are taught globally). I wanted to teach him how to be tough through vulnerability—that was the foundation. With Kismet Consulting, I am hoping to guide biotech and tech companies use empathy and how to understand and dispel conflict by sitting with and understanding emotions. Emotional literacy is required therapy to help both academic scientific research and biotech thrive.

Right now, Dr. Yucel’s future is wide open, and she is looking forward to watching it unfold. “I’ve given 21 years of my life to science. I’m looking forward to 21 more years of helping academics and science succeed beyond their present capacity through emotional literacy.” According to Dr. Yucel, “My hope is to help as many scientists as possible to help biotech soar.”

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