Dedicated to Sustainable Development & Change, GSEP Global Youth Leadership Summer Camp Comes to a Triumphant Conclusion

From Left: Dr. Wale Idris Ajibade, Madeline Xie (founder of GSEP, receiver of the Best Social Entrepreneur Award), Jing Zhao Cesarone, Cathy Peng, and Nancy Zhang

Guosheng Golf Academy coached seven teams as they fought for the “Swing for Smile” Golf Tournament award. The winners and participants donated their prizes to the “Shenzhen Youth Growth and Care Fund”.

Technology changes lives. During the field trip to Ping An Bank Rural Revitalization Project, students visited the smart tea farm in Zijin, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province and learned how technology can eradicate poverty in rural areas.

The first GSEP summer camp, which promotes social entrepreneurship, youth leadership and global partnership, graduated excellent students in Shenzhen, China

I would like to encourage all of you to follow your dreams, believe in yourself and do what you are passionate about because your actions will produce results and make changes in the world!”

— Madeline Xie

NEW YORK , NY, US, September 14, 2023/ — The ten-day Global Youth Leadership Summer Camp successfully completed in Shenzhen, China on August 11, 2023. Forty-one participants from ten nations returned home. The first summer camp of the Global Social Entrepreneurship and Partnership Program (GSEP), which promotes youth leadership and global partnership, graduated excellent students. The GSEP mentors and teaching assistants are excited to see their programs succeed and grateful for their connections and knowledge gained.

With the vision of three “ships”: developing social entrepreneurship, building youth leadership and promoting global partnership, the GSEP summer camp is dedicated to cultivating and inspiring future leaders with global visions, cultural understanding and commitment to social impact. Fourteen teams presented their innovative social entrepreneurship business plans targeting UN SDGs. The judges and mentors were pleased by the range and depth of their projects, which focused on anti-poverty, world hunger, sustainable communities, gender equality and climate change. The winners were awarded for best teamwork, creativity, social entrepreneurship, and performance..

In addition to the capstone project on social entrepreneurship led by GSEP experienced lecturers and mentors, the participants also enjoyed a variety of diverse and engaging activities including field visit to a tea village rehabilitation project, corporate visits to Ping An Group, Tencent, and BYD, golf practice and tournament, as well as rich cultural experience at Splendid China Entertainment Park.

Madeline Xie was named the “Best Social Entrepreneur” for founding GSEP. She expressed her excitement to see her ideas becoming reality in her commemoration speech, thanking mentors, parents, and participants. She said, “I would like to encourage all of you to follow your dreams, believe in yourself and do what you are passionate about because your actions will produce results and make changes in the world!” She also advised students not to fear challenges since they will always find like-minded people to help them along the way.

One of the key milestones at GSEP Summer Camp is the establishment of “Shenzhen Youth Growth and Care Fund”. It is dedicated to helping young people with metal health issues by providing professional treatment and counseling. All the GSEP participants are the initial donors for this fund, including $5000 from Madeline Xie, $2000 from Brian Zou. Three winners for “Swing for Smile” Golf Tournament also donated their prize money, including $700 from Qingyu Wen, $550 from Angel Yuan, and $400 from Caesar Ren. All the other participants each gave $140 from their golf tournament prize money as well.

The summer camp was kicked off in Hong Kong on August 3, 2023. During the opening ceremony, several keynote speeches were delivered and a young leaders’ roundtable discussion was held successfully. Afterwards, students visited the state-of-art facilities and laboratories at HKPC, followed by field visits to CIC-zero Carbon Park and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. During their first day in Shenzhen, the students visited the magnificent campus of Shenzhen University and listened to Professor Nina and Dr. Che Da’s lectures on the UN SDG program in China and cultural heritage projects. Dean J. Fusto lectured on social entrepreneurship project planning, and how to discover your passion and develop leadership potentials.

The major highlight came when students had the opportunity to visit the 115-story super tall skyscraper Ping An Finance Center. Students made their debut presentations on social entrepreneurship and UN’s 17 SDGs at the executive meeting room in the building. Yonglin Xie, President/Co-CEO of Ping An Group and Chairman of Ping An Bank, shared his career development experience with the delegates and encouraged them to have self-confidence and think big!

“Technology changes lives.” all students agreed after visiting Ping An Bank Rural Revitalization Project – the Smart Tea Farm in Zijin, Heyuan, Guangdong Province. The local farmers showed students how technology can eradicate poverty in rural areas. The students’ views of traditional, backward rural communities were transformed after learning how science and technology can benefit farmers. This experience provided them with optimism that they can apply their knowledge to traditional agriculture in their own regions.

The summer program also included two corporate visits to BYD and Tencent. Students enjoyed the opportunity to visit BYD, a global leader in electrical vehicles, and learned its advanced technological innovation and excellent R&D capabilities. Li Qian, the Board Secretary at BYD, hosted a discussion with summer camp participants. He shared his personal career experience and emphasized the importance of good faith, tenacity, and critical thinking in the workplace.

Students paid a very interactive visit to Tencent, an internet-based platform company using technology to enrich lives of Internet users around the world. They learned about the AI technology and its impact on society. The company also demonstrated high-tech devices such as AI gardening, chess, and interactive digital characters from popular games and TV shows. Tang Yibin, Vice President at Tencent, encouraged young people to set new goals and pursue their dreams during an interactive discussion.

Youth is the hope and future of our mankind. Practical experience can yield deep understanding and unique insights. The GSEP program received positive feedbacks from students and parents with 100% satisfaction rate from surveys. Students said they learned so much from the lectures, visits and team projects. The GSEP program helped them expand views, gain first-hand experience, and make new friends from different cultures. Upon returning, parents also expressed satisfaction with their children’s growth, and show interests in participating next year.

The GSEP Global Youth Leadership Summer Camp was co-organized by Global CSR Foundation and Young Global Leadership Foundation. Our special thanks go to our partners who provided support to our program: Teach Learn Lead (TLL Global), African Views Organization, Shenzhen University WeBank Institute of Fintech, ChinaWise, VDO English, Shenzhen Airport Visun International Yacht Club, Guosheng Elite Golf Club, Cathy Fitness Club, Australian Chinese Entrepreneurship Club, GDCV, Lis Wealth Management Ltd., and GBA Carbon Neutrality Association.

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