Connecting to God, A Journey Over 50 Years”

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Rt. Rev. Dr. Taras Chubenko, a retired Orthodox priest with over 50 years of experience in spirituality, mysticism, and religion, has announced the release of his new book, “Connecting to God, A Journey Over 50 Years.” Drawing on his diverse background as a pastor, seminary professor, and lecturer, Dr. Chubenko shares his unique insights into spiritual development and self-awareness, aiming to inspire and guide readers on their spiritual journeys.

In “Connecting to God, A Journey Over 50 Years,” Dr. Chubenko shares his experiences and wisdom gained throughout his life, addressing topics such as introspection, love, the duality of spirit and human, spiritual awareness, ego management, and the significance of faith and spirituality. The book is an essential resource for anyone desiring spiritual growth, providing practical guidance on meditation, prayer, gratitude, compassion, and service.

With a focus on self-discovery and individual spiritual paths, Dr. Chubenko emphasizes that there is no “one size fits all” solution to spiritual development. “Connecting to God, A Journey Over 50 Years” encourages readers to embark on their self-awareness and spiritual growth journeys while offering support and guidance.

Readers will find solace and inspiration in Dr. Chubenko’s account of his spiritual journey, which began after immigrating to the United States. Throughout his life, Dr. Chubenko has encountered and overcome many challenges on his spiritual path, including negotiating flawed religious systems and grappling with fear and forgiveness.

“Connecting to God, A Journey Over 50 Years” is more than just a memoir; it is a valuable tool for anyone interested in expanding their spiritual horizons and achieving personal growth. Readers can apply the lessons learned in each chapter, using the contemplative questions provided as a springboard for introspection and incorporating the book’s insights into their own lives.

“Connecting to God, A Journey Over 50 Years” is an invaluable resource for a deeper understanding of their place in the world. Readers can approach the book by reading the chapters in any order, allowing them to focus on the topics that resonate most with their spiritual journey.

About the Author:

Rt. Rev. Dr. Taras Chubenko, born in 1946 in Germany, immigrated to the US in 1951. He holds degrees from Penn State University, St. Sophia Seminary, and St. Petersburg Theological Seminary. With experience as a Pastor, Diocesan Administrator, and Seminary professor, he has also served in the US Army, held community positions including President of the Board of Education, Chair of the Ethics Board and Housing Authority, and worked as a chaplain for police and fire departments.

“Connecting to God, A Journey Over 50 Years” is now available on Amazon.

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