Bryan World Productions Presents Four Spoken-Word Poetic Film Shorts by Award-Winning Indie Filmmaker / Poet Bob Bryan

Four Spoken-Word Film Shorts by Bob Bryan (

"Cognitive Dissonance Trilogy + " Book / Kindle Series (

“Cognitive Dissonance Trilogy + ” Book / Kindle Series (

Coming Soon, Fall 2023 - Bob Bryan's PISSANTIAN SOLILOQUIES (

Coming Soon, Fall 2023 – Bob Bryan’s PISSANTIAN SOLILOQUIES (

“It sits inside the crossroad of poetry, horror, and loneliness – Illustrating the psychic confusion and melancholy of our current social predicament.”

I find this to be a dark expression of pain & confusion that plagues us all in one form or another as we struggle to make sense of it all… conjuring up disturbed feelings I’ve been struggling with.”

— Ronda Rayburn

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 3, 2023/ — Poet / Filmmaker Bob Bryan shows us what it felt like to be entombed within the COVID-19 pandemics vice-like grip that imprisoned us all in a nightmare fear-fueled environment. Mr. Bryan used his creativity and imagination in order to survive; while simultaneously channeling our collective pain, suffering and emotional terror. His Cognitive Dissonance Book Series became the mirrored excrement of that horrible, horrible experience. “The mirror does not lie or perhaps it does,” explains Bob Bryan.


Created by Poet / Filmmaker Bob Bryan

Running Time: 4:21 Minutes

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LONELY BROTHA represents many tragic intimate issues to people of all races, sexual affiliations, backgrounds, nationality and pathologies. Do we dare care to understand the moment-to-moment struggles of the chronically mentally depressed and confused?

Empathy exists in many different realities. Inspiring ‘the fallen’ to connect with their creative voice can potentially be a positive therapeutic and healing life-altering intervention for them.

LONELY BROTHA is a snapshot of a man swallowed up within a cycle of an inexplicable and inescapable dystopian emotional / psychological psychic nightmare. He feels like there is NO EXIT and NO HOPE. The idea of RELIEF is a myth which rarely crosses his obsessive compulsive mind-set.

Existing just beyond the blurred peripheral vision of his fragile cognition are few motivating options available for him to escape this oppressively omnipotent suffocating Reality. He is always alone with this insidiously pulsating pain that is slowly driving him crazy. The dark sinister whispers from another dimension torments him and keep him company. This relentlessly loud cacophony of voices reverberating in his head never seems to go away! NEVER!! “Oh gawd save me, please, please get outta my head, get outta my head.”

“While Darkness is an overwhelmingly powerful illusion… we know that it is NOT the only way out!” — Poet / Filmmaker Bob Bryan


Created by Poet / Filmmaker Bob Bryan

Running Time: 6:08 Minutes

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“It’s the bright steady drone of ‘the voices’ y’know… The endlessly judgmental echo of contradictory streams of muffled personalities that clamor for attention while cohabitating inside my head… driving me crazy!

Reverberating whispering noises competing with each other to Reign… AYE Dominate over ‘the moment!’


Which one to listen to?

Which one is ME?

Am I all of them?

Can I take them all in… at once?

Who am I?”

This is the Poet’s secret dilemma that Bryan share with you. ‘YOU’ the listener are requested to experience the merged sonic reality of dissonant poetic thoughts clashing together in the reading of this singularly brief, absurdist presentation by Poet / Filmmaker Bob Bryan.

Paradoxically, we implore YOU to confess, empathize and ENJOY!


Written, Produced & Directed by Poet / Filmmaker Bob Bryan

Running Time: 4:19 Minutes

YouTube Link:


‘WE ARE NOT AWAKE’ is a Spoken-Word piece taken from Bryan’s 378 page book titled, PRISON – TORMENTED BY THE REFRAIN: The Premeditated Manipulation of the Conventional Mind ((( Dithering Ethereal Epiphanies ))) released in September 2020.

THE ENIGMAS FLOW! ‘WE ARE NOT AWAKE‘ stirs up ‘psychic currents’ existing just beneath the aquifer of all of our Realities. It threatens the very basis upon which we accept NORMALITY which drolly manifests itself throughout our daily ‘waking being.’

Abstract (and Critical) Thinkers alike may marvel at the convoluted warped thinking of Mr. Bryan BUT beneath the surface they already know that there are other realities that persists and occasionally leak precipitously into our ‘perfect lives.’

Those are the moments that we experience sheer shocking terror with the inception and horror of these prescient possibilities. So in fact, Bryan is not saying anything that you don’t already know (but never speak of out-loud.)

Is this the paranoid craven ravings of a Madman or is Multi Award-Winning Poet / Filmmaker Bob Bryan onto something? There is still time to go back to SLEEP! YOU DECIDE??


Directed, Produced & Edited by Poet / Filmmaker Bob Bryan.

Running Time: 2:48 Minutes

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‘I CAN’T SLEEP’ is a Spoken-Word piece taken from Bryan’s 616 page book titled, PRISM: A Collection of Random Anecdotal Fragments, -isms, Delusional Thoughts, Confessions, Conversations & (((( Rants )))) released in December 2019.

Contemporary and depressing, ‘I CAN’T SLEEP’ reflects the ‘COVID 19’ times we are currently living in. For many, they are not having a ‘good time’ coping with the pandemic. It has taken its toil on their spirit. Still, they have found a creative outlet for their omnipresent depression.



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‘LONELY BROTHA’ Created by Poet / Filmmaker Bob Bryan

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