BainUltra® is unveiling the latest star from its constellation of luxury bathtubs and exclusive soft book launch of “The Forgotten Power of Bathing”

QUEBEC, CANADA, April 18, 2024 / — At this year’s international spa conference (ISPA), BainUltra, the pioneer of hydrotherapy tubs, will showcase two exciting new products – the latest addition to the Libra collection of freestanding tubs: The Libra Stella, and an exclusive soft launch of their latest book, written by CEO Elaine Drolet and Dr Ken Redcross, MD. The premier trade show for spa professionals around the world will take place from April 23- 25 at the Phoenix Convention Center, with BainUltra at booth #935. Throughout the conference, guests will enjoy a dreamy immersion into BainUltra’s exquisite innovations leading the industry’s therapeutic bathing experience.

“At BainUltra, we craft our premium home spas from the belief that bathing is a sacred invitation to slow down, to reconnect with ourselves through the water, light, and aromatherapies,” said BainUltra CEO, Elaine Drolet. “It may sound too simple to be true, but bathing rituals hold great power and we are here to help people regain theirs.”

Turning the page on wellness rituals

Attendees can experience a wellness ritual in action with an exclusive inside look at Drolet’s book, “The Forgotten Power of Bathing: How a Daily Bath Can Improve Your Health and Happiness,” co-written with Board-certified Internist, Health and Wellness Advocate and Best-Selling Author, Dr. Ken Redcross. The hard-to-put-down book provides a deeper look into the therapies, rituals and holistic benefits of bathing backed by illuminating research and methods.

A bright, new star in the BainUltra universe

ISPA-goers will have the opportunity to engage in the latest innovation from BainUltra, The Libra Stella freestanding hydrotherapy bathtub. Standing out like a shining star, the Stella bath integrates gently into the Libra collection, providing relaxation and comfort for bathers while enjoying their thermomasseur bath. As with all the innovations from BainUltra, the Stella is a work of art and technological marvel created for private sanctuaries. It is the roomiest of the Libra collection— outfitted with symmetrical backrests for two heavenly bodies in one bath.

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