Rob Jelinski Studios Launches Think Art Director – A Unique Hybrid Model of Mentorship + Coaching Services for Creatives

MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY, USA, June 20, 2023/ — Rob Jelinski Studios recently launched its newest addition- Think Art Director! This unique hybrid model of mentorship + coaching services is dedicated to helping the next generation of creatives achieve their highest potential. Designed by Founder Rob Jelinski, an established art director with 20+ years of industry experience, the services include mentorship, career coaching, legacy mapping, project critiques, and collaborative workflows.

Think Art Director provides high-quality, one-on-one services to help creatives succeed in their field. Creative Directors, Designers, Lettering Artists, Copywriters, Content Creators, Photographers, Videographers, Illustrators, and other art professionals can benefit from this service. Services offer personalized guidance and support on how to build and fortify a strong industry career that showcases each creative’s unique, individual talent that they can bring to any company, client, or project work.

Founder Rob Jelinski says “I wanted to create a service that would help bridge the gaps between unknown territories in career paths and the first-hand knowledge I’ve gained over the last two decades. I am excited to offer my expertise within our unique, hybrid model so more creatives can succeed through our support and community.”

When asked about the new signature service, ‘Legacy Mapping,’ Rob said, “I asked myself how I can help clients build their unique legacy and it all unfolded from there.”

Rob Jelinski Studios is an award-winning Family Of Brands: RJS – Strategy Studio, Infinite Design Agency, Beth Ellen Font, Rob Jelinski’s personal brand, and now, Think Art Director. Each of these brands hold acclaim in their own right and were born from Jelinski’s missional focus: to equip entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and brands with the creative services they need to succeed (see links below).

Five Reasons Why Think Art Director Is Important:

1) Provides access to mentorship and coaching experiences with seasoned creatives

2) Offers tailored advice and feedback on how to enhance portfolios and bodies of work based on individual needs and skillsets

3) Assists with building confidence by offering constructive critiques of projects

4) Increases visibility within the industry through personalized guidance and coaching

5) Helps identify long-term goals related to building legacy and professional growth

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